Hive Climbing Summer Camps

When looking for a summer camp I strive to find an experience that offers my kids a chance to learn a new skill as well as an activity that will get their hearts pumping and their bodies sweating. Our youngest has an insatiable need to move. He lives on our trampoline – wind, rain, snow – he’s outside jumping, flipping, and flopping. Rock climbing has been on our activity to-do list for a while and this summer we are going to make that happen!

Hive Climbing Summer Camps

Hive Climbing Summer Camps instil more in kids than just the ability to climb. Undoubtably the campers core strength improves, as does their coordination, arm and muscle strength. But climbing also breeds an increased level of confidence and resilience. The rock wall doesn’t care if you make it off the ground or not. It is up to the participant, with the help of their well-trained instructors, to problem solve, and try new strategies. I’m completely on board for a summer camp that teaches my kids that hard work, and repeated effort, is the road to success.

The Hive Climbing Summer Camps expose kids (juniors aged 6-8 years; inters aged 9-12 years) to the world of climbing. The week-long camps explore climbing through fun lessons, games, and activities. Not only will the campers improve in climbing but the camps will also encourage personal and social development.

Hive Climbing Summer CampThe summer camp content is built upon experiential and play-based learning principles for healthy, well-rounded youth. About two-thirds of the time will be spent climbing and learning; one-third at off-site locations such as local parks. The Hive has COVID-19 prevention strategies in place and have altered, eliminated, or added games and activities to reflect this. There will still be plenty of climbing and fun to be had, with added emphasis on hygiene and etiquette around shared space and physical distancing.

Hive Climbing Summer Camp

The Hive Climbing Summer Camps offer an opportunity to have fun and explore climbing as a pathway to personal challenge and confidence, social growth, being active, and connecting with nature. Still wondering why you should consider a Hive Climbing Summer Camp for your child? Look at the life-skills kids can develop over the course of a week-long camp:

  • improved body awareness & strength
  • improved technique & problem solving
  • increased resilience & confidence
  • improved personal and social development

The campers days will be full, and active, but balanced. About two thirds of the time will be spent climbing and learning; one third at off-site locations such as local parks and a regional climbing area.

What to Bring

  • A hearty and healthy lunch (we will be getting a lot of exercise)
  • Two healthy snacks, for both morning and afternoon (yup, lots of exercise)
  • A large water bottle (1L Nalgene or similar)
  • Appropriate athletic clothing (shorts, t-shirt, stretchy or comfortable pants – not too baggy or restrictive. No skirts please!)
  • A pair of close-toed & close-heeled running or athletic shoes – suitable for running around outdoors where there may be small twigs, roots, etc
  • Rainproof jacket – in damp weather, we will likely still be going outdoors
  • Sunscreen (30 spf or higher)
  • A sweater
  • A backpack or bag large enough to carry all your things

A note on safety and climbing: There are inherent risks involved in climbing activities, so participants’ well-being is The Hive’s top priority and they manage risk with great care. Climbing in a controlled environment like The Hive is a great way for youth to learn and practice risk assessment and personal agency in decision making under the watchful, well-trained eyes of experienced instructors.

Hive Climbing Summer Camps:

Dates: July & August 2020
Times: 9am – 4pm

Vancouver: 520 Industrial Avenue | 604-683-4483
North Vancouver: 140 – 2270 Dollarton Hwy | 604-990-4483
Surrey: 101–B 11125 124 Street | 604-498-5460

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