Our Kids Media Private School Expo 2020Whether your child is nearing school age or if they are already enrolled, every September parents cross fingers and toes hoping their child’s educational experience will be a positive one. And this year, thanks to the global pandemic, school is even more top-of-mind than usual.

If you are in the midst of pondering your child’s schooling experience why not take time to consider a private school option? This year the traditionally in-person event is moving online. Our Kids Private School Admissions Pathway is a virtual private school expo offering online events for exploring, evaluating, and understanding the full expanse of private schools. Finding the best school for your child and family is incredibly important; the school your child attends has a profound impact on his or her success. Whether you are interested in IB (International Baccalaureate) Waldorf, Montessori, special needs, local day schools, or boarding schools in Canada, the US, or abroad, the Our Kids Private School Expo is the one place you can have all of your questions answered.

Learning to navigate the school system and figuring out which option is the best for your child is tough. Once your child is in the right school you will be amazed at the different it makes. All of a sudden your child is excited to go to school, they can’t stop babbling about the “cool, new thing” they learned about, and you will see their confidence rise.

Whether you know that private school is absolutely the right fit for your family, or if you are merely considering private schooling as one of many options, you don’t want to miss the Private School Expo. Speak with educational experts and learn about affording the tuition (there are financial assistance packages available). Is there a better way to model the importance of learning to your children than by taking the time to investigate all possible education options?

Our Kids Media Private School Expo 2020The schedule for the 2020 Virtual Private School Expo is:
October 3: drop in and video- or text-chat with schools. Listen to schools answer questions from other parents. Join live streaming seminars with educational experts. Our Kids Media offers step-by-step guidance – informed by their 23 years of helping families improve the quality of their school research.

October 5 – 18: take part in Parent Q&A Roundtables. Gain insight from current parents as well as recent graduates. Learn about their school experience and what they wish they had known prior to enrolling in a school.

October 5 – 24: gain access to exclusive meetings with admissions officers and heads of schools to determine the suitability of the various schools for your child.

The 2020 virtual Private School Expo is FREE to attend, but pre-registration is required. Please note, space is limited and early registration is strongly encouraged.

Learn More at the 2020 Private School Expo:

When: October 3 – 24, 2020