With 50 years of experience in arts education, Place des Arts is the expert in arts education for children. Whether your child’s interest lies in visual or performing arts, the centre inspires its students in a wide variety of disciplines. Every summer, kids across Metro Vancouver look forward to Place des Arts Summer Fun! Camps.

Summer Fun! Camps are unlike other summer camps because they are completely customizable. You and your child can choose the camp you want when you want it. You get to decide whether to enrol in a full day of arts activities or pick a camp to fill only a portion of the day. Running for six weeks in July and August, Place des Arts Summer Fun! gives kids a chance to try various art forms over the space of a week. Place des Arts Half-Day Camps are for ages 5-7, 8-12 and 11-14; their Day Camps run the full day for ages 7-10.

Below we’ve highlighted just a few of the Place des Arts Summer Camps that piqued our interest. To get the inside scoop on all of Place des Arts Summer Fun! camps, check out their online brochure.

  • Art Explorers – Campers will be introduced to the world of art through mixed media techniques and a vast array of materials. This camp is great for kids who love to create and use their imaginations
  • All About Dance – This is a popular camp, and with good reason! Rather than enroll in just one style of dance, campers will learn about different dance styles – ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and more in this fun and upbeat week!
  • Clay Play – Get muddy and have fun creating unique clay projects such as cool creatures, cups, and bowls which will all be fired and painted or glazed.
  • Comic Book Creations – Create characters and design your own story in comic book format. Comic books combine the best of visuals and words, and campers will learn how to balance these two formats out to create exceptional comic books.
  • Dress to Express – Upcycling Fashion – Do you have an aspiring fashion designer on your hands? If so, this is the camp for them! Learn how to upcycle clothing to make fierce fashion statements. Participants will learn textile painting, how to make patches, rework one item of tired clothing, as well as the current trends in this global movement.
  • Flower Power Botanical Art – Work with flowers – both real and artificial – to make collages, prints, flower pots, flower bouquets, and floral still life. Campers will also learn about local and international artists who also use flowers as their preferred medium as inspiration for their own creations.
  • Musical Theatre – Sing, dance and act your way through summer with this fun camp! Learn the basics of musical theatre including character development, storytelling, coordination and movement using popular musical theatre songs and routines.
  • World of Drums – Give your little drummer an outlet this summer with a class they will love! Campers will learn to play drums and percussion from around the world, including hand drums, Taiko drums, snare drums, and more!

If your child has more specific interests, the Coquitlam-based arts organization also offers private music lessons and dance classes in the summer to help hone their love and skill for a particular instrument or dance form. Dance classes for children ages 2 and up are offered throughout the summer after camp hours if your child is interested in dance but not quite old enough for Summer Fun! Camps. And, if you feel like your own inner dancer is waiting to break free, Place des Arts offers dance classes for 18+ as well, so the whole family can boogie this summer.

Registration for the summer camps opens on April 2, 2023.

Place des Arts Summer Fun! Camps:

When: July 4 – August 11, 2023
Where: Place des Arts
Address: 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam
Phone: 604-664-1636
Website: www.placedesarts.ca/art-camps/summer-fun

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