Brace yourself, parents, you can do it! You can host a sleepover and come out the other side grinning! The trick? Activities, activities, food, activities, and a good night’s sleep! Sure there will be hours of whispering, giggling and storytelling, but eventually the micro-sized socializers will succumb to exhaustion.

So how do you make a sleepover memorable for the kid and survivable for the adults? Our #1 tip is to keep those kids B.U.S.Y.

Fun Games

Sleepovers are long, kids have way more stamina than adults, so you need to be ready with hours of entertainment. Try to vary up the types of games: a scavenger hunt, a photo booth, decorate pillowcases as a keepsake, kid-friendly truth or dare, make a glow-stick craft, and the Bean Boozled taste-bud-daring game from Jelly Belly always guarantees hilarity.

Tip: Keep the fun a surprise by writing the activities down and tucking each idea into a separate balloon. Write a specific time on each balloon, when that time rolls around, pop the balloon, and start the next activity. The anticipation will make the activity seem extra fun!

Tasty Treats

Sure you can put out veggie trays but let’s be honest sleepovers are all about the ridiculous. Why not just embrace the craziness and break all the rules when it comes to food? Food stations are the way to go; you don’t need to worry about everyone’s food preferences. Start with a Make Your Own Pizza station for dinner. For dessert, an Ice Cream Float Station sounds ridiculously fun. When it’s time to settle in for a movie, a Popcorn Bar makes for finger-licking, yummy treats. In the morning, a Pancake or Waffle Station will send the kids on their way with full tummies and smiles on their faces.

Tip: Spread craft paper over your table and assemble the food station on top of the paper. You can easily label everything on the craft paper and clean up is a breeze.

Party Time

Now that you’ve filled the kids with sugar, you need to exercise out that crazy. Keep the party hopping with a karaoke dance party, a pillow fight, nerf gun battles, and an obstacle course.

Tip: use paper streamers to create a Mission Impossible-esque laser maze through a hallway in your home.

Lights Camera Action

No sleepover is complete without a movie. Do you go old school and show the kids a classic like The Sound of Music? Or do you go ultra trendy and show them the newest release you can get your hands on?

Tip: String white Christmas lights around the room to make the movie viewing space seem extra special.

Sleepy Time

Believe it or not those kids will eventually go to sleep. You may be able to hear your own bed¬†calling your name, but until those kids call it a night you can’t collapse into your comfy bed. To help encourage the kids’ trip to the land of nod, play calming music, spray lavender on their pillowcases. Ensure everyone has their beloved stuffies, preferred pillow, and comfy pjs. Now it’s time to rest up parents as the kid-crazy will start early in the morning.

Tip: Check in with parents ahead of time to find out if any of the sleepover guests is scared of the dark or sometimes doesn’t make it to the bathroom on time. It’s better to know about these challenges ahead of time rather than having to problem solve at 3am.