Get Out! Stay Indoors! 10 Indoor Play Areas in Saskatoon

Indoor Play areas in SaskatoonWith winter in full swing, many Saskatoon families are feeling the sting of cabin fever–homes full of noisy kids with boundless energy and nowhere to burn it! Lucky for Saskatonians, there is no shortage of places to get active AND stay warm in our fine city! So bundle up, warm up the car if you need, and check out one of these:

10 Indoor Play Areas in Saskatoon

1. Market Mall PlayPlace (2325 Preston Ave.)

Come in the Safeway entrance or park underground, grab a cup of coffee, and let little ones run free at Market Mall Playplace! This small play structure and partially enclosed space doubles as an art gallery and is the perfect place for little ones to burn off some steam! Best of all, it is FREE!

Indoor Play areas in Saskatoon

Photo courtesy of Elin Shearer

2. Apex Trampoline Park (3910 Burron Ave.)

New(ish) to Saskatoon, it won’t take long to warm up (and tire out) cabin-fevered kids at Apex! With over 10 000 square feet of trampolines, this indoor play place in Saskatoon is wall-to-wall fun and action! For little ones, Apex offers toddler time exclusively for jumpers under the age of 6!

3. The Fun Factory (1633C Quebec Ave.)

A family-favourite, the Fun Factory is an extensive indoor play structure with something for all-ages. The facility offers a gated toddler area, 1500 square feet of climbing equipment, gaming, and concession. Check it out!

Indoor Play areas in Saskatoon4. SSCI Indoor Playgroup (Kinsmen/Henk Ruys Soccer Centre, Primrose Drive)

On weekdays (September – May) from 9:30 to 11:45, SSCI Indoor Playgroup fills two indoor soccer fields with a variety of action-oriented toys and opens the fields up for public drop-in! The space is a welcome relief for parents looking to let toddlers and preschoolers loose and is affordable to boot!

5. Lawson Heights Mall (Primrose Dr.)

Bring toddlers and pre-schoolers to the food court in Lawson Heights Mall to enjoy the soft, enclosed, CLEAN, and free play structure! The food court also has a lego table where little ones can occupy some time as well as numerous dollar-riding toys for a quick thrill!

6. Flynn’s Forest (214 Joseph Okemasis Dr.)

The newest indoor play-place in Saskatoon, Flynn’s Forest in an expanse of clean and fun climbing equipment and is the ideal place for kids to put some of their boundless energy to good use. For parents’ sanity, the facility also boasts a completely enclosed toddler area, natural lighting, and fantastic lattes!

7. Restaurant Play Areas (around Saskatoon)

Some McDonalds and Burger King locations as well a number of family restaurants (Jerry’s for one) have play structures (or toys available) for a little fun out of the home! Grab a coffee or a snack or splash out on a meal and let the kids burn energy somewhere that is not your living room!

Indoor Play Areas in Saskatoon

Photo courtesy of Jen Elder

8. Grip It (501 23rd St. West)

Saskatoon’s coolest climbing wall facility, Grip It is a great place for (older) kids to get out, get active, and get up in the city. Join them in the challenge if you dare!

9. Gymnastics Drop-in (Marian Gymnastics, Flip Gymnastics, Taiso)

A number of gymnastics clubs in the city offer drop-in times on weekdays when parents can bring kids for a romp, a run, and a jump! Times vary seasonally and not all equipment is available for use, but your kids are sure to love it! See individual webpages for details.

Indoor Play areas in saskatoon10. City of Saskatoon Indoor Pools (Around Saskatoon)

Kids love swimming! And there’s no better time to warm up in a city pool (or hot tub!) than when it’s cold outside! Check out drop-in online for designated parent and tot, family, or public swim times!

Good luck staying warm, Saskatoon! Get out and enjoy any of these indoor play areas in Saskatoon!

Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change. Please contact the facility to avoid disappointment.

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