All of us have a spark of creativity inside and sometimes we just need to find the right environment to embrace and explore that creative side. Alberta University of the Arts has a large variety of summer camps and courses for kids and teens, led by professional artists and designers who have a passion for exploring creativity. With an open and supportive environment, kids and teens are free to try new activities, explore their own ideas, and learn amazing hands-on techniques.

Alberta University of the Arts is a university dedicated to art, craft, and design. It’s the only school of its type in Alberta and the prairies and one of only four in all of Canada. Some of the most talented and prominent artists, designers, craftspeople, and critical thinkers from around the world teach here. For years, AUArt’s Summer Teen Course and Kids’ Camps have been a haven for parents and children alike. These camps have engaged and inspired teenagers and children to become artists of the future. Led by Albertan artists, campers learn and work with their peers creating art across mediums and enjoying every minute of it.

Alberta University of the Arts Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

AUArts summer camps are all about fun and games, but there is more to the camps than painting a picture. Placing an early emphasis on creativity also enhances development in cognitive, social, and emotional areas. It promotes self-expression and motor skills in both children and teenagers. Engaging in art and creative activities allows children and teens to begin to communicate beyond verbal language, letting them subconsciously release feelings or share emotionally charged experiences through visual communication.

Art also demonstrates the importance of practice and helps kids appreciate their own effort and the effort of others. This fosters a positive self-image and good mental health through the expression of individuality while nurturing the importance of practice in achieving a job well done.

Alberta University of the Arts Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Kids’ Camps (Ages 6 – 12)

Your child’s imagination will flourish this summer at one of the AUArts theme-based art camps. These camps are taught by professional, fun-loving artists and kids will love experimenting with a range of traditional or new art media. They will also enjoy playing active games and seeing their art displayed at the Friday afternoon exhibitions.

With so many themes to choose from this summer, your child can dive into their newest passion and create art that is unique to how they see the world. Watch your child’s imagination grow as they learn to express themselves through art. Camps including Animate it!, Crazy for Cats, Draw Cartoons, Space Quest, Unicorn Magic, Witches and Wizards, and even French immersion, Les Petits Artistes!

AUArts also offers free before and aftercare! Supplies are included in fees for kids’ camps, unless otherwise noted.

Alberta University of the Arts Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Teen Art Camps (Ages 13 – 16)

It can be hard to find camps and courses to engage teens over the summer and help them pursue their passions, but AUArts Continuing Education studio-based summer art and design courses are ready to help spark your teen’s imagination! With talented creators who enjoy helping young people master new skills and express themselves through a variety of media, your teen will focus on their desired discipline like painting, drawing, digital photography, fashion, or animation.

Students work in the same studios that support AUArts’ celebrated degree programs; teens gain exclusive access to the same resources as Alberta’s next generation of professional artists. Along with making art and learning new skills students will be able to hang out and meet other like-minded, creative people. One week of artistic guidance in the studio may lead them on the journey of a lifetime. What have you got to lose?

Please Note: Parents, the breadth of activities and images generated by art production at a post-secondary art institution may challenge societal conventions. Supplies are included in fees unless otherwise noted.

Alberta University of the Arts Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Pursuing creative activities with like-minded peers provides a greater sense of community, reduces social exclusion, and strengthens friendships. Working with others in an artistic setting often breeds collaboration, new perspectives, healthy competition, and a greater desire to improve skills. Beyond these skills, art is and will always be about FUN . . . and that is exactly what your child or teen will be having at AUArts summer courses and camps!

It’s time to imagine, create, and connect with people who inspire you. Register your child or teen for one of the wonderful summer camps at Alberta University of the Arts.

Alberta University of the Arts Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Alberta University of the Arts Summer Camps

When: July and August 2022
Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Alberta University of the Arts
Address: 1407 14 Ave NW, Calgary, AB