Learning Through Experience: APEGA Innovation in Education Awards Offer School Grants

“Figure it out.”

How do you best learn something new? Somebody telling you how to do something helps and somebody showing you how to do it is more helpful. When I was a kid and took a problem to my dad, I really just wanted him to fix it for me. But his words, “Figure it out,” left me no choice but to take things apart, put them back together, and learn to think outside the box. His words still ring through my head, because now I know that is learning at it’s best!

Of course, experiential learning gives a huge advantage to kids, too. From toddlers learning how to use a spoon to teenagers applying new expertise to inspire their parents, kids gain meaningful, tangible skills through experience. APEGA recognizes this with their Innovation in Education Awards. Their goal is to enable Alberta educators to integrate educational, meaningful experiences into the classroom by teaching the curriculum through the hands-on exploration and application of engineering and geoscience concepts.

These experiences and projects often take more than just great ideas and desire, and that’s where APEGA can help. Awards of up to $10 000 are granted to promote innovative engineering and geoscience initiatives in the classroom. With these awards, students in grades one to twelve can get the chance to create something new or to solve an existing problem, learning skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

APEGA Innovation in Education Awards (Family Fun Calgary)

Award-Winning Projects

What are the criteria to win an award? The classroom that benefits from one of these awards will be teaching realistic and relevant applications of the engineering and geoscience fields, with students having an opportunity to influence the direction of the chosen project. With this student-led, hands-on, engaging project, students will develop their thought-processes and real-life skills. The project should also have a positive and measurable effect on the classroom and the larger community. Past projects include programming a machine that automatically sorts recyclable plastics from non-recyclable items or developing devices to help senior centre residents with their daily challenges. The kids will experience challenges and frustrations, but also creative thinking and success as they apply themselves to an innovative and compelling project. See the complete list of Initiative Criteria here.

Who Can Apply?

All educational, administrative, and support staff members currently employed by a grade 1 to 12 school or school board in Alberta (and certified to teach in Alberta) are encouraged to apply. Recipients must be in roles that enable them to complete the initiative with a large group of students and must have the full support of their school or school board. Find the application form and apply by April 5, 2020, with winners launching their project in September 2020.

Teachers, enable your students to shoot for the moon with big, bold ideas and the chance to work these ideas out. Parents, speak to your child’s school and teachers to find out how you can support this fantastic opportunity. And, kids, it’s time to get creative!

APEGA Innovation in Education Awards:

Applications Due: April 5, 2020

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