November 2018

Sugar! Excitement! Energy! All the reasons kids love birthday parties are the reasons I approach them with great trepidation. Looking for something that everyone (including me) could love, we booked a birthday party at InjaNation, an epic, indoor “playground” for all ages.

Injanation Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

Obstacle Course or Trampoline Park? Your choice!

InjaNation has a variety of birthday party packages; we booked a Ninja Table Party for a Friday afternoon. That meant 10 kids could play for an hour and a half and then spend 45 minutes socializing and celebrating. As we also got the Grasshopper food package (a large pizza and a bottle of pop), that meant I didn’t have much to do, besides show up at the right time. So far, so good!

Injanation Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

Three different climbing options

When you book a party at InjaNation, you’re getting a trampoline party, a climbing party, and a ninja warrior and military obstacle course party, all in one! The kids were thrilled with the choice of activities and played hard for the full 90 minutes, coming back to our table for a quick drink of water (jugs of water were placed on our table as we started) before heading off again. The trampolines were a hit with some kids, another liked the climbing best, and others were thrilled with the warp walls and obstacle course. At the end of 90 minutes, as the hot, rosy-cheeked kids started to wander back to our table, they were chattering excitedly about all they had done. Just before their playtime had ended, the food was delivered to our table, and the kids dove right in. Effortless.

Injanation Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

InjaNation was an easy sell for the kids. My first thought when I walked in was, “Oh, they’re going to love it here.” But honestly, it was an easy sell for me, too. Everything from the booking to the electronic invites to filling out the waivers went smoothly and quickly. You can purchase food from InjaNation OR bring your own, which I love. We did both, getting pizza and pop and adding fruit and veggies. (Most of the healthy stuff really did get eaten!) All I had to do was show up a few minutes early and take pictures of the kids playing. There is a bin for the kids to store coats, presents, or personal effects, and a caddy on the table holding plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins. I handed the food around the table and the kids talked and laughed. That was it! The mess stayed somewhere else, I didn’t have to organize much, and everyone was thrilled. In no time, the birthday guests were on their way, and I took a very happy 10-year-old home. Birthday win!

Injanation Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

Almost made it!

“Bring me your energetic, your excited, and your overstimulated,” InjaNation proclaims, “and you’ll have a party you’ll want to do every year!”

Another year, another birthday, and an amazing, memorable time!

Injanation Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

One party-goer’s rosy-cheeked, pizza-stuffed, so-excited-but-so-tired face

Birthday Parties at InjaNation:


Thank you to Injanation for hosting our party; all opinions expressed here are my own. CQ