Birthday parties are a highlight for kids, but they can be a lot of work for the parents! Between sorting out food and presents, it can be a challenge to come up with fun ideas your kids will love for a memorable birthday party. But you also want something that won’t stress you out. Take a look at the Family Fun Calgary Birthday Party Guide for parties kids love and to make your life just a bit easier!

Butterfield Acres Birthday PartiesButterfield Acres Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

If you have a little animal lover in your life, you have probably heard of Butterfield Acres. There’s so much to do at this farm on the edge of the city, from visiting the goats, sheep, and bunnies, to taking a pony ride, feeding the critters, and hearing a donkey’s hee-haw in person. And any young animal lover would be thrilled with a birthday party from Butterfield Acres! They offer birthday parties at the farm or you can have the farm come to you!

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Flying Squirrel (Family Fun Calgary)Flying Squirrel Birthday Parties

Want to plan an epic birthday party this year? Plan a party that kids from tots to teens will love, a party that brings excitement, burns energy, and makes it easy on you! Kids of all ages love to bounce and play, so when you combine trampolines and a terrific birthday party with your friends, you just can’t go wrong! Flying Squirrel has the birthday parties you need this year!

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Granary Road Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)Granary Road Birthday Parties

Fresh air and sunshine, epic playgrounds and adorable animals — can you think of a better way to spend a birthday?! If you have little kids, big kids, or anything in between, Granary Road birthday parties offer all the best of childhood fun. With a wide range of activities and entertainment, (like Yesteryear Mini Golf and the Active Learning Park, for some of the most amazing playgrounds) it’s easy to plan a birthday party to remember!

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Jubilations Junior Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)Jubilations Junior Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a highlight of a child’s year. Cake and presents, games and party favours — what’s not to like? But after a few years of hosting the same old, run-of-the-mill birthday party in your backyard or living room, it’s time to think outside the box. Jubilations Junior birthday parties are unique, perfect for kids of all ages, and easy and enjoyable for you, too!

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Pegasus Gymnastics Birthday Parties (Family Fun Calgary)

Pegasus Gymnastics Birthday Parties

What’s better than having a birthday party? Having a gymnastics birthday party! Plan an amazing, memorable birthday for your child this year, with lively party options from Pegasus Gymnastics. And what’s better than a birthday party where the kids get to run, jump, tumble, and play? That’s right — a birthday party that makes it easy on busy parents!

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Trico Centre (Family Fun Calgary)Trico Centre Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are magical, aren’t they? But birthday parties are a lot of work for Mom and Dad! Sometimes you need a little help in your busy life, while still providing a happy day for your child. That’s where Trico Centre for Family Wellness comes in! Birthday parties at Trico Centre are naturally fun for the kids and provide a great place for parents to host an easy party.

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Calgary Zoo Birthday Party (Family Fun Calgary)Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo Birthday Parties

Kids go WILD for birthday parties, no matter the age! Wondering how to make your next birthday party special, without the stress and the mess in your living room? Plan a Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo birthday party, where your little ones can have a roaring time with the lions, visit with the penguins, or marvel at the dinosaurs. It’s the perfect venue for kids of all ages, complete with their closest friends and their favourite animals.

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At the end of the day, most parents just want to give a satisfied sigh and feel like their children enjoyed themselves and felt special on their birthday. But whether the party is large or small, cliched or unique, doesn’t matter as much as creating a space to let your child know how valued and loved they are and that they hold a significant place in your family. Our Birthday Party Guide will help you with that. Happy birthday!

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