January 2018

I’ve never been a morning person. When I had kids, well-meaning people told me I’d get used to the interminable sleepless nights. Well-meaning people are right much of the time (the years really do fly by, even while the days drag on), but they were wrong about this. Thankfully, my kids are older now, and either take care of themselves when they wake up or more usually, they sleep in for as long as I do.

But sometimes, things are worth getting up early for. Vacation, for example. While I’ll still try to book a later flight, if at all possible, quite often the early flights are either the only possibility or the cheapest. (Money talks, right?) I recently had a chance to visit the Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel and quickly decided that the next time I have to take a super-early flight, I’m going to plan my budget so I can start vacation a day early and stay the night at this hotel before my flight.

The Hotel

The Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel opened in September 2016 and is literally in the airport. This made me far more excited than it probably should have. We pulled the car up to the Departures level (suppressing a pang that we weren’t flying anywhere), valet parked and walked into the airport to the hotel. Open and airy, the hotel is lovely, with an elegant atmosphere and several spaces to relax and visit, read, or otherwise enjoy the space. The hotel boasts “urban sensibilities in an airport environment,” and combined with a local focus on service and products, the effect is sophisticated and stylish.

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel (Family Fun Calgary)

Elegant and lovely Photo Credit: Charity Quick

But the highlight for me was the room. When we walked in, I hardly noticed the spacious and perfectly functional space, because of the wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling window that showcased the airport tarmac, the city, and the mountains in the distance. My husband and I were visiting by ourselves – the kids were at home – but like parents everywhere, my first thought was, “Wow! The kids would love this!” The view, complete with an in-room telescope, was fantastic, and I was riveted by the coming and going of the aircraft.

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel (Family Fun Calgary)

This view was so much fun! Photo Credit: Charity Quick

The room itself was exceptional, too, with all the little things I love in a hotel room. Plenty of space, available plug-ins, and extra seating made the room a pleasant space to relax, rest, or work. The in-room coffee maker and mini-fridge were also very convenient. And like any perpetually tired mother, the comfortable bed and well-appointed bathroom won my heart.

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel (Family Fun Calgary)

Two of the best parts: a wonderfully comfortable bed and a beautifully appointed bathroom. Photo Credit: Charity Quick

When we could tear ourselves away from the view, we explored more of the hotel. As someone who pretends to exercise on vacation, the fitness area was a treat! Large, brightly lit, and with another great view, there were plenty of machines to work out on. Even better was the warm atmosphere of the hotel pool, and my favourite, the hot tub.

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel (Family Fun Calgary)

If you ever needed motivation to work out on vacation, this might give it to you! Photo Credit: Charity Quick

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel (Family Fun Calgary)

That hot tub in the background there: actually HOT! Photo Credit: Charity Quick

We were on the Club Level and enjoyed having access to the MClub Lounge, with its tasty food and the relaxed seating overlooking the tarmac. (Again I thought, “My kids would LOVE this!” Impressive views and a candy bar.) There were lots of other sitting areas throughout the hotel, and of course, the hotel doors open into the airport, offering you all the options of the Calgary International Airport (perfect if you can’t start the day without your Starbucks or double double) and ample opportunities for great people watching! The hotel’s restaurant, Yakima Social Kitchen and Bar, showcases the best of Alberta’s cuisine, with local quality products. (The hotel offers 4-hour complimentary parking if you just want to come and enjoy the restaurant.)

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel (Family Fun Calgary)

Places to relax and great food – right at the hotel! Photo Credit: Charity Quick

Spending the night at this Marriott would make those early morning flights with kids so much easier. You’re already packed and parked and you’re only steps away from your gate, making those precious morning hours much more efficient and stress-free. You don’t even need a coat! (My kids aren’t toddlers anymore, but it amazes me how often they kick up a fuss about wearing a coat.)

There might be one flaw in my plan to spend the night at the Marriott before an early morning flight: I wouldn’t have enough time to relax and enjoy the hotel to its full potential. Maybe a better idea would be to plan a “staycation” for a night or two. Either way, escape from the regular schedule and unwind in this chic hotel? Yes, please!

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel:

Where: 2008 Airport Rd NE, Calgary, AB
Website: www.marriott.com

Thank you to Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel for hosting us; all opinions expressed here are my own. CQ