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Activate Canada — Get Moving and Get Playing

Get moving and get playing with Activate Canada! You can actually enter the game at this active gaming facility, where you’ll play arcade-style games by jumping, climbing, and dodging. With a small group, you can move freely between eleven interactive rooms, choosing games that challenge your agility, problem-solving, and speed.
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Board Game Cafes (Family Fun Calgary)
Board Game Cafes in Calgary

Family game night is a classic way to spend a cold winter’s evening and over the last few years, board game cafes have become an interesting alternative to playing the same tired games around your kitchen table. Board game cafes offer drinks and snacks to purchase and often charge a
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Sporting Equipment & Gear Rentals (Family Fun Calgary)
Planning Family Adventures, But Don’t Have All the Gear? Where to Rent Sporting & Outdoor Equipment in Calgary!

Sometimes family adventures call for some specialized equipment, but there’s no point in investing big bucks in stuff you’ll only use once. Gear rentals save you money and storage space and can also let you ‘try before you buy’. They’re also great for your out-of-town visitors who can’t bring all
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Fitset Ninja: Calgary Obstacle Gym

There’s a new gym in town and you’ll want to check it out! Fitset Ninja is Calgary’s first Ninja obstacle gym, inspired by the popular TV show American Ninja Warrior, and the rapidly growing sport of Ninja. It opened to the public on November 1, 2022, and will offer a wide
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House of Wheels (Family Fun Calgary)
House of Wheels: Calgary’s Indoor Skate Park For All Riding Styles

House of Wheels is Calgary’s indoor action sports centre. This air-conditioned facility boasts a wide variety of ramps and jumps, and a mini park to challenge all levels. They strive to create a fun and encouraging atmosphere, where riders can progressively build on their skills, whether they are beginners or
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Solstice Berry Farm Visit (Family Fun Calgary)
Six Tips to Pick Some Delicious Summer Fun at the Solstice Berry Farm

Warm weather, blue skies, and an August long weekend. It was the perfect recipe for saskatoon picking at Solstice Berry Farm. I love those delicious Western berries, either to snack on or to make into pies, so it was time to pick our own! Solstice Berry Farm is only about
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Best Ice Cream Shops (Family Fun Calgary)
Where To Find The Best Ice Cream In Calgary

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream cone on a hot day? Avenue Magazine has compiled a list of their favorite ice cream spots in Calgary […]

Lazy Day Raft Rentals (Family Fun Calgary)
Lazy Day Raft Rentals

Rafting the Bow River is a classic summer experience in Calgary. With a raft and a lifejacket, a little sunshine, and a small group of friends or family, you have the perfect relaxing summer outing. Lazy Day Raft Rentals help you float your cares away with the easiest and the
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Zero Latency On Tilt (Family Fun Calgary)
Zero Latency On Tilt: An Amazing VR Experience for the Whole Family

Looking for an amazing virtual reality experience? You’ll find it at Zero Latency On Tilt! They are Calgary’s first free-roam VR experience and they’re family-friendly. Enter a virtual world like never before, as reality and the digital world weave together while you play and explore with friends and family. You
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AXE Throwing Calgary (Family Fun Calgary)
AXE Throwing Calgary

Try something new for your next birthday party or special event at AXE Throwing Calgary. Experienced coaches run your event, teaching range safety, throwing fundamentals of different axes (and knives if you’re lucky), and maybe even trick throws. Events last about 2 hours with plenty of throwing and social time. Bring
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