How do you add a little extra excitement to your Halloween? What’s the easiest way to be the coolest parent on the block? Just add dry ice to your spooky fun! Halloween is filled with things kids love and you can make it even better (for every age!) with a little dry ice. Calgary Dry Ice makes dry ice more accessible to the general public with their retail sales, and there’s no better time than Halloween to enjoy the effects of this incredible product!

What would you do with your dry ice order? From atmospheric decorating to unique party food enhancement to just plain fun, add something interesting to your Halloween season. You can even call it educational — it’s science! Calgary Dry Ice is the only producer of dry ice in southern Alberta and they are located near Chinook Centre. You can grab a bag of dry ice any weekday between 8:30 and 4:30 pm, with no pre-order necessary. But if you pre-order by midnight on October 23, 2023, you will get free delivery on October 27, 28, or 31, 2023! Order your dry ice for free delivery here.

Calgary Dry Ice Halloween (Family Fun Calgary)

Just dumping your dry ice in a bowl and pouring water over it can be endlessly fascinating — and help you create incredible foggy effects for spooky decorating! Use dry ice in your jack o’lantern to welcome the trick-or-treaters or for an amazing party centrepiece. Make a crystal ball dry ice bubble and ghostly floating bubbles for a science experiment (the ghost stories will be up to you!), or make creepy crawling bubbles with a little dishwasher detergent. Then, imagine the fun you could have with foggy, mysterious dry ice and laser lights!

Did you know you can make ice cream with dry ice? Or create a bubbling cauldron of witches’ brew punch for a Halloween party, by setting a smaller punch bowl inside a larger bowl with dry ice. And why should kids get all the fun?! Create spectacular cocktails with Misty Stix, a safe way to add dry ice to individual drinks.

Calgary Dry Ice Halloween

There’s no end to the party ideas when you start considering the possibilities! Dry ice and Halloween offer the perfect combination of holiday buzz. Scroll down to find ideas here and start planning an atmosphere of mystery for the coolest Halloween you’ve ever had.

Remember, though — dry ice is not a toy and can be dangerous for kids who don’t use it properly. Be sure to brush up on your dry ice safety skills when you order.

Little kids and big kids, teenagers and adults, everyone will love it when you add some excitement to your Halloween with Calgary Dry Ice. Keep it cool this year, and don’t forget to place your dry ice orders by October 23, 2023, for free delivery. Let’s get this party started!

Calgary Dry Ice Halloween (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Dry Ice Halloween:

When: Halloween 2023
Where: Calgary Dry Ice
Address: 416 51 Ave SE, Calgary, AB