What do the kids need this summer?

How about new adventures and getting back to nature? Maybe it’s time to get off technology: get out of the virtual world and into the real world. Kids need to get outside and play and they need to make meaningful connections with other people. Camp Cadicasu’s traditional overnight summer camps offer kids a memorable, idyllic summer and will awaken your child’s curiosity about the world, giving them just what they need!

Located between Calgary and Banff, Camp Cadicasu has been welcoming campers for almost 100 years. Here kids can experience the natural world and the warmth of community while they enjoy fun activities and make new friends. Their mission is to “increase confidence, inspire purpose-driven lives, and deepen spirituality for people of all different faiths,” and they accomplish this through summer camps, year-round programs, field trips, and more.

The most precious memories are not always the expensive vacations or the newest video games, even if those things can be enjoyable. It’s the time spent playing outside, trying new experiences, challenging yourself, and seeing where imagination can take you that brings the most joy! It’s even better when you feel seen and have like-minded friends around you. You can give your child these wonderful, life-long memories this summer and it will be the perfect respite after a stressful couple of years.

Camp Cadicasu Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Overnight summer camps at Camp Cadicasu, for kids ages 7 to 15 years, offer a sanctuary in nature with exciting and practical activities. Your kids will go back to the basics while they head off exploring the forest, building shelters, and learning how to build a fire. But don’t worry – your kids will be safe and comfortable, too! Cabins have heat, electricity, showers with warm running water, and newly renovated bathrooms and kids will enjoy well-rounded meals.

Camps focus on activities that help kids connect with nature and build community. Removing the distractions of regular life creates an environment where campers can work together, overcome obstacles, and discover just how capable they are. The wilderness provides the perfect place for adventure and discovery (safely!) because the Camp Cadicasu programs are designed to meet individual camper needs. As a result, campers cultivate a sense of belonging while building their confidence at camp.

Camp Cadicasu provides a variety of kid-friendly activities, immersed in nature. Your kids will enjoy campfires, water play, shelter building, earth skills, and environmental stewardship. They will go hiking and play all-camp games or try some arts and crafts, archery, and performing arts. Campers who are 12 years and older go on an overnight hiking trip. They learn how to set up camp using tarps, prepare food properly in the woods, and sleep under the stars. The difficulty level of the out-trip is based on the group of campers involved to ensure that the trip is both safe and enjoyable for the campers.

Camp Cadicasu runs camps for 8 weeks of the summer, with the first week of camps beginning on July 2, 2023, and the last week beginning on August 20, 2023. Camps begin Sunday evening and pick up is Friday evening. Wondering how kids will spend their days? Parents can check out a typical day at summer camp here.

This summer, give your kids a fabulous summer camp experience at Camp Cadicasu and awaken their sense of awe. Exploration, imagination, and adventure are waiting for them as they unplug and connect with the extraordinary!

Camp Cadicasu Summer Camps:

When: Weeks beginning Sundays, July and August 2023
Where: Camp Cadicasu (see driving directions online)
Ages: 7 – 15 years old
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CampCadicasu