Vertigo Theatre, located at the base of the Calgary Tower, is home to the BD&P Mystery Theatre Series, which began with Agatha Christie’s classic, The Mousetrap, and plays such classics as Sherlock Holmes. While likely not suitable for younger children (although every parent knows best for their kids!), many shows at Vertigo Theatre can be enjoyed by older kids.

Here’s what’s coming up for the 2021/22 season.

Murder in the Studio: November 13 – December 19, 2021

By Agatha Christie

The Mistress of Mystery returns!

Thrilling and chilling tales of ghosts, murder and mayhem! A collection of three original Agatha Christie radio mysteries are performed live on the Vertigo stage for the first time! The first tells the tale of a man haunted by his late wife, the second features the indomitable Hercule Poirot as well as some mysterious yellow flowers and the third: a case of a serial killer. Never before seen on Vertigo’s stage, these thrilling tales will welcome you back to the theatre and launch our 45th anniversary season!

Cipher: January 15 – February 13, 2022

By Ellen Close and Braden Griffiths

A body. A secret code. A conspiracy that will change their lives forever.

In 1956, a man’s body was discovered on the coast of British Columbia. A secret code is found sewn into his clothing. For decades no investigation has revealed his identity, his killer, their motives or even their methods, and the cipher remains unsolved. Forensic toxicologist Grace Godard thinks her scientific approach is leading her close to an answer, closer than anyone has come before. But when she meets Aqeel, a young man with a personal stake in the mystery, their efforts to crack the case have consequences neither of them could have imagined. A World Premiere by Calgary playwrights Ellen Close and Braden Griffiths.

Sherlock Holmes and the Vanishing Thimble: March 5 – April 3, 2022

By R. Hamilton Wright

Blackmail, murder and a new twist on everyone’s favourite dynamic duo.

Monday morning, the 1st of December, 1895. Location: 221b Baker Street, London, aka the home of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Long-time landlady Mrs. Edith Hudson asks, “Sherlock, have you seen my thimble anywhere?” This simple and most mundane question casts the residents of Baker Street down a rabbit hole of adventure. Along the way Scotland Yard will intrude, a most surprising visitor will drop in and Mrs. Hudson must discover her inner detective. Does she have what it takes to solve the case of The Vanishing Thimble?

Clue: May 7 – June 5, 2022

Based on the Screenplay by Jonathan Lynn; Written by Sandy Rustin; Additional Material by Hunter Foster and Eric Price

Who did it, with what, and where?! A madcap comedy that will keep you guessing.

On a dark and stormy night, six mysterious guests assemble for a very unusual dinner party at the home of Mr. Boddy. When their host turns up dead, it is clear that no one is safe! Join the iconic oddballs Ms. Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard as they race to find the murderer among them before the body count stacks up. Based on the cult classic film and the popular board game, Clue is a madcap comedy that will keep you guessing until the final twist.

Because of the COVID shutdown, Vertigo Theatre also went back to the good ol’ days of radio theatre productions! They are continuing this entertainment option and you can find productions available for download from the website for a small fee. You Shouldn’t Be Here will be released in October 2021. It’s a tribute to the golden age of mystery radio!

Vertigo Theatre:

Where: Vertigo Theatre Studio
Address: 115 – 9 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB