What does preschool offer your child?

Preschool is about making new friends and learning your ABCs. It’s discovering the world through play and enjoying storytime. Whether your child is timid or outgoing, quiet or energetic, preschool is an exciting time and a fun stage in their educational journey. Trellis’ Ready, Set Go! Preschool Program is bringing young kids a chance to get ready, get set, and go for lifelong learning!

Trellis is one of Calgary’s largest social services agencies offering a variety of support programs for children, youth, and families. Ready, Set, Go! is a play-based preschool program for children ages three to five in the neighbourhoods of Bowness, Penbrooke, and Pineridge. Every child will have fun while learning, growing, and getting ready for kindergarten. Learning through play will build their self-esteem, creativity, and independence, while they grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Trellis Preschool (Family Fun Calgary)

The Ready, Set, Go! program will give your child a safe and stimulating learning experience, with both indoor and outdoor play. As children learn through exploration, books, and creating, they will succeed in ways that are best for them, learning as they play. The preschool team will also focus on building relationships and social learning, helping prepare children for kindergarten, as they join you in bringing an excellent education to your child.

Within a comforting daily routine, your child will be offered choices and exposed to several play centres, and each one will encourage growth in a variety of developmental areas. The centers at each preschool include Dramatic Play, Art, Building and Manipulatives, Sensory Bins, Gym Time, Quiet Space, and Circle Time. Parents are invited to visit the classroom to see the opportunities for themselves.

The Trellis Preschool Ready, Set, Go! Preschool Program is available in three Calgary locations. Registration for the 2022-23 school year is staggered, so find a location near you and sign up your child for a fun year of learning and growing.

Ready, Set, Go! Trellis Preschool:


731 13 Ave. NE, Calgary, AB
36, 7930 Bowness Rd, NW, Calgary, AB
6098 Penbrooke Dr, SE, Calgary, AB

Website: www.growwithtrellis.ca/preschool