Do you have a child who is passionate about horses? If you’re a parent in the city, it can be hard to know the first step to take when you have a child who wants to learn how to ride. Every horse lover needs to start riding somewhere, so let it be Clip Clop! They offer riding and horsemanship lessons that are simple and affordable. Their fun and meaningful horsemanship program lets kids learn how to ride, bond, and care for horses safely.

Clip Clop, Inc. is a horse and rider education company, located in Bearspaw. They pride themselves on a quality program to start young riders off right, and that includes teaching non-horse parents about the sport of riding. You don’t need to worry about your child starting a sport with which you’re not familiar because Clip Clop will help you learn and stay informed of the many nuances of riding. Plus, with fully-equipped indoor and outdoor areas, they can accommodate riders year-round.

Clip Clop Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

What to Expect

Riding lessons are available for kids ages 5 – 18 years. No experience is required and each rider’s unique goals will be the priority. The professionally planned curriculum is presented in a safe, youth-friendly environment and parents can control the pace and the spending. There are four riding levels, with sub-levels that correspond to different skill sets.

Kids will learn how to ride at Clip Clop, but they will also learn how to respect and communicate with the horse. They’ll find like-minded friends while growing and developing leadership skills through horsemanship lessons. Whether your child wants to ride for the joy of it or hopes to compete someday, they will learn everything they need to be successful in a safe environment at Clip Clop. The program is successful because it combines strong horsemanship and leadership. No matter where your kids are starting, Clip Clop can be your partner in your child’s personal development, as they work with you to raise respectful and confident kids.

Get your kids started with affordable, no-worry riding lessons from Clip Clop. They will experience the joy of the moment, the thrill of a challenge met, and the desire to work hard and care for something beyond themselves. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will take your kids to amazing new levels. Find out more about Clip Clop’s Riding and Horsemanship Lessons here.

Clip Clop Lessons (Family Fun Calgary)

Clip Clop Riding and Horsemanship Lessons:

When: Fall 2023
Where: Clip Clop
Address: 254207 Bearspaw Road, Calgary, AB
Phone: 587-894-2567