How do you feel about technology? More specifically, how do you feel about your kids’ desire for technology? For better or for worse, technology is here to stay. And since our kids are growing up in a digital era, let’s make it for the best! Code Ninjas, with multiple locations in and around Calgary, can take your child’s love of technology and turn it into an exciting adventure for summer camp. At one of their convenient centres, your kids will learn to code in a fun, safe, and inspiring learning environment. They will gain confidence, learn logic, and have a wonderful week at camp!

Like all of us, many kids are spending more time on screens, and while it might not be as much fun to learn how to add fractions in an online school, it’s still pretty great to head online to play your favourite video games or create something unique. Code Ninjas summer camps allow your child to become a Code Ninja, guided by a team of Code Senseis. The kids love the game-based curriculum and parents love the practical skills that their kids are acquiring. Your kids will make new friends, gain valuable tech skills, and have a great summer learning while they play! This immersive environment offers a wide variety of camp options, from coding and game building to STEM and robotics.

Code Ninja Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Camp Options

With multiple locations in Calgary and area, your family is sure to find a centre near you and a camp that your child will get excited about. Programs are available for kids ages 5 – 14, but they do vary by location. Check with your preferred location for the specific options near you, or see the links below. Your child may be able to experience one of the following camps and these are only some of the options!

Code Ninja Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

3D Design and Print:
Ninjas will explore 3D modelling and printing using Tinkercad. They will code their own custom models, including working bubble wands, keychains, and more! Along the way, they will learn tips, techniques, and best practices for exciting explorations in 3D modelling and printing.

Become a YouTuber!:
Campers will advance both their coding and vlogger skills as they create a complex Scratch, MakeCode, or Roblox game and accompanying video tutorial to be uploaded to their own personalized YouTube channel.

Code Your Own Robot in Minecraft®:
Ninjas will use code to control a robot in Minecraft Education Edition®. Through simple programming, they’ll apply complex computer science concepts to automate the boring parts of Minecraft® such as farming, digging and more. Ninjas will use concepts like loops and functions to code crazy things like spawning hundreds of chickens from the sky! They will have a blast sharing their work and playing in a world together with their fellow campers.

Intro to Roblox Development:
Ninjas will spend their time building and exploring new worlds in Roblox before sharing their creations locally and globally. This camp will teach Ninjas how to plan, design, and build their own 3D world to create much more than just a game!

Code Ninja Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Inventors with Makey Makey
Using a Makey Makey circuit board and maker materials, Ninjas will design and build music interfaces, game controllers, and more! This camp combines the power of coding, electronics, and hardware to create a collection of unique interactive games and projects. They will work together to create, reflect, and share their work as they invent new ways to interact with computers.

Makers with Microcontroller
Ninjas will explore the exciting world of physical computing with a microcontroller called micro:bit. This tiny computer makes it possible for Ninjas to design a variety of interactive projects, such as a wearable pedometer, digital pet, a multiplayer game, and more. They will learn how to harness the power of code, sensors, sound and more. Throughout the week, Ninjas become makers, coders, and game designers while learning from the process of iteration, reflection, and feedback.

Robotics with LEGO®: 
Using the LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime robotics kit, Ninjas will learn the fundamentals of how to design, build, and code robots. They will also apply their new knowledge of sensors, motors, and coding as they construct their own creations.

Stop Motion Animation: 
By experimenting with video production through a variety of mediums including Claymation, LEGO® Minifigures, pipe cleaner creatures and much more, campers will capture images frame-by-frame and produce videos in a rapid prototyping style during the Stop Motion Animation camp!

Code Ninja Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

If your child likes video games, make the most of it with one of these fun and practical camps! From Minecraft to YouTube to Roblox or from music to arcades to animation, don’t miss the chance to optimize an interest in technology. As they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join them! Registration is open now.

Code Ninja Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Code Ninjas Summer Camps:

When: July and August 2023

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