Calgary is an ideal place for outdoor ice skating, especially when a chinook rolls in and the temperature warms up a bit.  Community Outdoor Skating Rinks are a great place to meet your neighbours and get your skates on for free!

Community Rinks

There are a number of communities in Calgary that have rinks run and maintained by community volunteers. You can sometimes find a list of Community Rinks on the City of Calgary site or just check with a community near you. Please note, some of the communities near you may only allow members of their community to access their rinks or lakes. Double-check before you head out so you don’t run into any surprises!


Adopt-a-Rink is a winter volunteer program through which volunteers help flood and maintain existing community pleasure skating rinks throughout Calgary. There are over 70 rinks currently enrolled in the program in Calgary. These rinks are for pleasure use only; hockey equipment is not allowed. To see the list of rinks and get more information on the program, click here.