Every child and teen needs to find their niche — their place in the world where they can shine. If you have a young singer in your house, they can step onto the stage this fall, with Youth Singers of Calgary. This programming offers a chance to build skills, increase confidence, and add a spark of joy to life. While the primary focus of Youth Singers is on realizing a child’s vocal abilities, kids will also work on their dancing and acting skills to enhance their singing, making them versatile performers.

Youth Singers of Calgary began in 1985 and has positively impacted young singers, their families, and the arts community ever since. Their coaching team consists of professional, enthusiastic, and encouraging music and performing arts education directors, choreographers, and support staff. They are guided by the belief that musical education is for everyone and that providing opportunities for music appreciation and performance leads to a life-long positive impact.

Youth Singers of Calgary Fall (Family Fun Calgary)

Youth Singers of Calgary Programming

Youth Singers of Calgary offers year-round programming for a range of abilities, starting at pre-kindergarten and continuing through to university-aged students and adults, beginning in September.

Being a part of the team at Youth Singers of Calgary is more than excelling in singing, dancing, and acting. It also develops self-esteem, discipline, self-confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills. You’ll be thrilled to watch your kids develop the skills that will benefit them in every part of life. Whether your child is outgoing or reserved, you’ll watch them transform into a confident, focused, and enthusiastic individual. The opportunity to express themselves on stage through music, dance and theatre is a fun – and often transformative – experience for young people.

What to Expect

Programs consist of weekly rehearsals between September and June, working towards performing in two original productions. Sometimes nerve-wracking, often invigorating, performing offers a highly educational and motivational experience for young performers. Performers in grade 2 and up will have a chance to perform on the ‘big’ stage at the Jubilee Auditorium. Youth Singers of Calgary presents a Christmas program filled with holiday magic and then they light up the stage for a spring production, too.

Youth Singers of Calgary Fall (Family Fun Calgary)

Have questions about Youth Singers of Calgary programs? Start with the group’s FAQ page; you may find the answers there or elsewhere on their website. Your young singer can embrace their inner performer and realize their full creative potential this fall. It’s time to SING, DANCE, and ACT!

Youth Singers of Calgary:

When: Programs begin in September 2024
Where: Performing Arts Youth Centre
Address: 1371 Hastings Crescent SE, Calgary, AB
: www.youthsingers.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com

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