May 2011

We heard about this festival last year on the radio and thought it’d be fun to check out. It was great!


It was a very cold weekend but we were intent on heading up for the day.  Edgar Farms is about a 1 hour 45 minute drive from Calgary.  We headed up around 10 am and spent the entire day up there.  The cost is $5/person or $20/family and they have plenty of parking on site.

They have a couple different areas.  The barn houses a petting farm for the kids as well as a cornbox (rather than sandbox) and colouring area.  Outside there are bundles of asparagus for sale and chefs preparing asparagus several different ways and providing recipes.  Inside the big building they have local artisans and farmers selling goods and produce.

After checking it all out we boarded the tractor hay ride to head out to the fields.  We were driven out to some of the fields while the owner talked to us about asparagus and their farm.  It was fascinating to hear of all the work that is required to grow asparagus and I am now a lot more accepting of the cost!

The tractor stopped and allowed us to get out and venture into the field to see the asparagus and even break of a piece and eat it raw fresh from the ground.  And oh my!  I never want to eat even 1 hour old asparagus now – the taste was amazing!

This year’s festival runs: May 28th & 29th 2011 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Rain or Shine

So head on up for a fun and educational experience and say hi if you see us up there eating asparagus in the fields!


And if you want to make a whole day of it make sure to check out the Country Drive site to see which other local farms nearby have open houses and other events running!