What does a day trip to Granary Road look like?

It looks like doing a little shopping from Fridays to Sundays at the upscale market where you can find staple items and unique offerings. It’s laughing with your kids as you race down a slide or get nuzzled by a goat. It’s connecting with your teens as you play a round of golf on the Yesteryear Mini Golf Course. It actually looks a lot like connecting with friends and family for the good things in life!

Granary Road was developed with the vision of bringing family and friends together over good food and fun. Located just south of Calgary in the foothills, it makes a lovely day trip for the whole family and it’s just the right place to create some memories this summer.

Granary Road (Family Fun Calgary)

Farm Fun

Granary Road and Lethbridge College have collaborated on a state-of-the-art Aquaponics Centre. Aquaponics is known as zero-waste agriculture and it’s the integrated culture of fish, plants, and beneficial microorganisms grown in a soilless environment. Fish and plants grow in one ecosystem, eliminating the waste they separately produce by turning it into something of use. Tours are available for anyone interested in the future of farming.

Of course, the kids might not be as interested in how their salad is grown without dirt, but they will love the goats, the alpacas and the other animals that live on the farm! They will also want to get their “Farm On” and check out Granary Road’s newest attraction, the Tractor Track, where they can race mini John Deere Tractors.

Granary Road (Family Fun Calgary)

Farmers Market

The market at Granary Road is open on weekends, with a mix of top vendors selling both staple and unique offerings that complement one another and bring you a highly enjoyable shopping experience. The warm wood interior with vaulted ceilings welcomes families and friends into a delightful marketplace. The vendors offer great products at fair prices and they understand the importance of a polished retail presentation, a warm smile, and making you feel at home.

The Active Learning Park

The Active Learning Park is always a huge hit with the kids! Small animals, insects, and agriculture are all on the menu – so to speak – at this 36-acre park filled with 11 themed exhibits and interactive experiences for future scientists, agriculturalists, and anyone who likes to play. Your kids will be thrilled to climb right into the 4-story life-sized ant farm, take a twisty corkscrew slide into a juicy-looking apple, climb a 16-foot spider web, burn off some energy on in-ground lily pad trampolines, and enjoy lots more critter-centric outdoorsy fun at the park.

Granary Road (Family Fun Calgary)

Yesteryear Mini Golf

The Yesteryear Mini Golf Course adds more fun for the whole family. Take a trip back in time to the early days of Alberta’s history with this Par 72, 18-hole course that’s suitable for all ages and skill levels. No tee times are needed.

A day at Granary Road is exactly what we all need! Gather your family and friends and embrace what makes it all worthwhile this summer — enjoying the good things of life, together.

Granary Road (Family Fun Calgary)

Granary Road:

Where: Granary Road
Address: 226066 112th St West, Foothills County, AB
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