October 2008

The Kids at Play area in Market Mall is one of my son’s favorite activities of all time. It is absolutely genius. I can relieve some of the guilt I feel for dragging Evan around the mall for hours on end only to be forgiven instantly once we visit Kids at Play.

I only have one child and his age/size is perfect for the indoor park but I have been with friends whose kids have wiggled with anticipation as we headed to the indoor park only for the elder child to be turned down because he was too tall. Thankfully, Kids at Play is under construction. The expansion is estimated to be completed by mid-November and is going to be suitable for the older and bigger kids.

Sure, I am happy for the older kids but I also have purely selfish motivations for my glee. Evan only has two more playing years left at the current Kids at Play and we all know how time flies. This new addition buys me several more years of somewhat guiltless “dragging my kid around” shopping.