January 2017

My seven-year-old daughter loves rainbows, believes in mermaids and on any given day can be found elbow deep in paints, glitter and imagination. In her spare time, she scours YouTube searching for magical potion recipes to transform her into a mermaid. Through many frustrated tears, I can tell you she hasn’t found one yet that works. Short of finding a magic potion, the next best thing to transform a little girl into a magical character is face paint.

Lucie Brouillard was the perfect pick for our daughter’s birthday party festivities. Living in the Calgary area, she is an internationally renowned and award-winning artist for face and body painting. Between corporate gigs, Lucie offers birthday party painting for children of all ages. A quintessential artist, she also loves beading and has collected quantities of beads from all over the world and has added beading parties to her birthday party packages.

Lucie brought everything needed to make necklaces: beads, trays, examples to inspire, and professional Tiger Tail to sting the beads. The beads are high-quality glass, alloy metals, ceramics, wood, terra cotta, and semi-precious stones. All beads are also lead and nickel free.


After setting everything up, she started to explain to the excited group how to make the necklaces. The group of normally noisy and wiggly girls listened with rapt attention as Lucie whispered how to carefully use their fairy fingers to dig for treasures. She shared with them that they were creating something very special they would keep for a very long time or give as a gift for someone they care about. Much to my amazement they all totally got it, and began quietly planning their masterpieces.

Lucie’s capable assistant who also happens to be her daughter helped the girls with the beading while Lucie started the face painting.

My 11-year-old son made his own necklace, complete with crossbones, metal beads and a dragon claw but held back at first for the face painting convinced with all the butterflies and fairy faces that Lucie couldn’t do something he’d like, something little more macho. Lucie convinced him to let her at least try. He shyly showed her a Pokemon card he had in his back pocket, less than 10 minutes later, he walked away with a Pikachu painted on his cheek and a huge grin plastered across his face.

For more information and rates, contact Lucie with the information provided below:


Contact: Lucie Brouillard Face & Body Painting Artist and Jewellery Maker
Email: www.luciebrouillard.com
Telephone: (403) 807-7943

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