Enjoy incredible music from the comfort of your car, as Luminous Voices heat up the night in this car concert combining the old-school charm of a drive-in theatre with live choral performance. The audience will be able to hear the transmission from within 100-200+ meters.

Luminous Voices uses a very simple and small FM transmitter to enable a controlled, safe, and physically distant ensemble concert to provide a live choral experience – from the safety of your own vehicle. The members of Luminous Voices sing on a mic protected by the bubble of their own car, and an audience can drive up and enjoy the mini-concert broadcast directly into their car through an unused FM signal. It is the same technology that a drive-in movie uses to broadcast sound. Some places of worship also use this somewhat older technology for the hearing impaired.

See HERE for more information and to purchase tickets. Upon arrival, the audience will choose a parking spot, tune into the designated FM signal on their car radio, and enjoy the concert broadcast from the comfort of their own car. Bring coffee and favourite car snacks to enjoy this event!

Luminous Voices Car Choir (Family Fun Calgary)

Luminous Voices Car Choir:

When: Sunday, February 20, 2021
Time: 7  pm
Where: Parking Lot of Ecole Secondaire Highwood High School
Address: 1401 10 St SE, High River, AB
Phone: 587-889-8370
Website: www.luminousvoices.comwww.highrivergiftofmusic.com