Swim to Survive, Swim for Life! Repsol Sport Centre Swimming Lessons

Repsol Sport Centre Swimming (Family Fun Calgary)

There are so many amazing activities kids can be involved in, especially in a city like Calgary. It can be hard to choose what to do and where to concentrate your resources. But for many people, learning to swim is not an optional activity, it’s a life skill. Thankfully, many kids enjoy the water and look forward to swimming lessons, building their technique for a lifetime.

Repsol Sport Centre has expanded their partnership with the Lifesaving Society. Their swim lessons follow the well-established Swim for Life® Program, equipping children with skills that will offer them safety and enjoyment in the water. With many different levels, kids can confidently see their progress and accomplish easily understandable goals that allow them to proceed through their swimming lessons at a good pace. If your kids are moving from another program, Repsol Sport Centre will help you determine the best class for their level. The variety of programs and skill levels available will make it easy to get your kids swimming!

Repsol Sport Centre Swimming (Family Fun Calgary)

With a convenient, central location, Repsol Sport Centre offers a fabulous facility where international level athletes also train. Their amazing instructors are passionate about swimming and helping others love the water, too. The programs are tailored to each young swimmer’s needs while providing the skill-based instruction necessary to challenge and develop their skills.

Whether your child needs to be brave enough to put their face in the water, they’re building up their courage to jump into the deep end, or they want to beat their fastest front crawl across the pool, swimming lessons at Repsol Sport Centre can help them accomplish this. As a parent, you’ll be assured that they’re making progress to survive an unexpected fall into deep water and advancing their skills to enjoy a lifetime of swimming pleasure.

Repsol Sport Centre Swimming (Family Fun Calgary)

Repsol Sport Centre Swimming Lessons:

Where: Repsol Sport Centre
Address: 2225 Macleod Trail S, Calgary, AB

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