Sure, school’s out, but moms and dads just don’t get as many days off as those kids do! Whether you’re working in or out of the house, sometimes a good day camp is just what your family needs to get through a successful week. Plus, day camps are all fantastically fun for the kids! Check back as we grow our great list for an easy PD day next time.

Calgary Zoo PD Camps (Family Fun Calgary) Calgary Zoo PD Day Camps

When school’s out and the kids have energy to spare, how do you keep your kids busy? PD Days can sometimes throw a parent’s best-laid plans completely out of orbit. Did you know that the Calgary Zoo offers day camps for PD Days? It’s the perfect place to let your kids go a little wild and discover the natural world through activities, games, crafts, stories, interpretive programs, and animal visits. Read more about it here.