The Southland Leisure Centre offers supervised times (Open Climbing) for all levels and free belay orientations or registered classes to help beginners get going! All climbers must be over 13 years old and demonstrate proper use of harness and safe belaying before climbing. Children 4-12 years must be belayed by an adult (18 years and up).

Southland Leisure Centre offers three climbing structures:

  • main wall – 25 feet high and 60 feet wide
  • sport wall with an overhang – approximately 45 feet high and 8 feet wide
  • bouldering wall – 12 feet high and 24 feet wide

The walls are designed for all levels and encompass a wide range of challenges and they also have drop-in times.


Address: 2000 Southland Drive SW, Calgary AB
Telephone: (403) 251-3505