Kids have a week off, but Mom and Dad aren’t so lucky? Lots of great organizations put on Spring Break Camps in Calgary. Your kids will feel like they had a fun holiday, while never leaving town. Spring Break for the CBE is March 21 – March 25, 2022, (Monday – Friday) and we’ll add as many spring break camps in Calgary as we can for the CSSD break, which is April 18 – 22, 2022, (Monday – Friday). Keep checking back, as more camps are being added.

Calgary Zoo Spring Break Camp (Family Fun Calgary)Calgary Zoo Spring Break Camps

With spring break around the corner, you know that kids can get a little wild when they are home all day and it can be challenging to maintain your regular work schedule when the kids are in holiday mode. You need a way to keep your children active with a week off school, without them turning your home into a zoo! The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is ready for March break, with terrific camps where kids ages 5 – 12 will get the chance to see and learn more than they would experience with a regular zoo visit!

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Green Fools Theatre (Family Fun Calgary)Green Fools Theatre Spring Break Camps

Spring break is a kid’s week of bliss at the end of a long winter at school. This year, put away those screens and give the kids a week to remember with a circus spring break camp at Green Fools Theatre. They will have fun, challenge themselves, and burn tons of energy, making it a fabulous week for you, too! Green Fools has a camp during both the CBE and the CSSD weeks.

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Lambert Academy Spring Break CampsLambert Academy Spring Break Camps

What’s better than watching your child develop and enjoy a new hobby? Watching them enjoy a delicious new hobby!

If your kids are drawn to decorating, cooking, or baking, Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft has a spring break camp that you’ll want to know about. Long a provider of baking and decorating classes, Lambert Academy has expanded their kids’ camps for 9 – 14-year-olds to include pizza and pasta, those perennial favourites for any age. Lambert Academy has a camp during both the CBE and the CSSD weeks.

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Repsol Sport Centre (Family Fun Calgary)Repsol Sport Centre Spring Break Camps

Spring break is a great chance for kids to get a breather from school, play, and be physically active. But Mom and Dad don’t always have the time to take the kids out for fun and fitness, so check out Repsol Sport Centre! Repsol Sport Centre has unique programs and activities that kids aged 5 – 12 will love. Your kids will get a chance to try new things, develop new skills, and be inspired to a life of enjoyable, healthy living. Repsol has a camp during both the CBE and the CSSD weeks.

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Trellis Society PD Day Camps and After School Programs (Family Fun Calgary)Trellis Society Spring Break Camps

Spring break is a time for families to take a break from the routine, catch their breath, and enjoy a little fun! While that’s not always so easy for Mom and Dad, with work, chores, and just plain life, parents can give their kids a week of enjoyment and adventure with the Trellis Society spring break camps. It’s a lot easier to get your many jobs done when you know that your kiddos are happy and safe! Trellis has a camp during both the CBE and the CSSD weeks.

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