Kids have a week off, but Mom and Dad might not be so lucky. That always takes a little organization for families, but there are lots of amazing locations in Calgary that put on Spring Break Camps to keep kids busy and well cared for. Your kids will feel like they had a fun holiday, while never leaving town.

Spring Break for the CBE is March 27 – 31, 2023, (Monday – Friday) and we’ll also add as many spring break camps as we can for the CSSD break, which is April 10 – 14, 2023, (Monday – Friday).

Keep checking back, as more camps are being added.

Code Ninjas Spring Break Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Code Ninjas Spring Break Camps

Do you want to help your child advance in our digital world? Do you have a youth who is passionate about technology? Then you’ll want to know about Code Ninjas! Our kids are growing up digital, and since they’re often naturally drawn to screens anyway, why not make the most of it? Code Ninjas has spring break camps that will capitalize on your child’s love of technology and turn their spring break into an exciting coding adventure.

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Green Fools Theatre (Family Fun Calgary)Green Fools Theatre Spring Break Camps

After a long winter and weeks of sitting in school, spring break is a kid’s week of bliss! This year, find some excitement over March break — put away those screens and give the kids a week to remember with a circus spring break camp at Green Fools Theatre. They will have fun, challenge themselves, and burn tons of energy, making it a fabulous week for you, too!

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KidStrong Academy Spring Break Camp (Family Fun Calgary)KidStrong Academy Spring Break Camps

Healthy, smart, and resilient — who wouldn’t want that for their child? KidStrong Academy is designed to help parents empower their kids to discover their superpowers and become the best they can be. These kids are ready for the future, they know how to be a friend, and they have confidence on the playground and in the classroom.

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Lambert Academy Spring Break Camps (Family Fun Calgary)Lambert Academy Spring Break Camps

What’s better than watching your child enjoy a new hobby? Watching them enjoy a delicious new hobby! If your kids are drawn to decorating, cooking, or baking, Lambert Academy of Sugarcraft has spring break camps for you. They are ready to help with both practical and unique skills, giving your kids a safe place to be over their break and a chance to have fun with other kids. They have a camp during both the CBE and the CSSD spring break weeks.

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National Music Centre Spring Break Camp (Family Fun Calgary)

National Music Centre Spring Break Camps

Do you have a kid who has ever wondered what it takes to be in a band? Spring break is on its way and this year, your kids can fill it with music! The National Music Centre (NMC) has a spring break camp that will engage and inspire your child, allowing them to tap into their creativity and discover what they’re capable of accomplishing.

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Pinnovate Spring Break Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Pinnovate Spring Break Camps

A little socializing, amazing crafting, and a lot of fun — that’s spring break at Pinnovate DIY Studio! Do your kids need a creative outlet and a safe place to go when school is out? If your kids enjoy crafting and are looking for something satisfying for their break, check out the Pinnovate Spring Break Camps. They have a camp during both the CBE and the CSSD spring break weeks.

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Quest Theatre Spring Break Camps (Family Fun CalgaryQuest Theatre Spring Break Drama Camps

The life of a child should be filled with play and imagination. Don’t let that slip away in our modern screen-filled world — this spring break, it’s time to explore, enjoy, and discover the possibilities! When parents have to work and the kids are off school, families face scheduling challenges, but this year it’s time to play with Quest Theatre spring break drama camps! They have a camp during both the CBE and the CSSD spring break weeks.

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Calgary Zoo Spring Break Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo Spring Break Camps

Spring break is on its way, and you know how kids get a little wild when they’re home all day. Plan ahead with spring break camps at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo. It is possible to keep your kids excited and active during their week off school, allowing you to maintain a regular work schedule. Check out the fun and educational camps for kids ages 5 – 12.

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YouthLink Spring Break Camps (Family Fun Calgary)YouthLink Spring Break Camps

What if your kid could solve a mystery, team up with the local police, and have fun with other kids their age? YouthLink invites kids ages 6 – 12 years to a police-themed spring break camp this March! You can give your kids a week they will never forget at YouthLink, during a camp packed with unique policing experiences. With special guests, tours, activities, and adventures, your child will be busy learning the ins and outs of the policing world!

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