TELUS Spark’s Brainasium has expanded…actually doubled in size and has added 7 new exciting challenges including:

  • Test your balance as you scramble across a 93′ logjam
  • Discover inertia on a sky-high swing
  • Work together to balance the swing scales
  • Explore centrifugal force as you go for a spin
  • Use your muscles to boulder across giant molecule climbing blocks and more!


The Brainasium is a year-round space open at TELUS Spark and is meant to expand kids’ (and grownups’) knowledge of sound, physics and simple machines.


Kids can explore 11 large-scale and nature-based experiences in physics and mechanics including moving a five-tonne spinning rock designed to teach kids about inertia.

The 63-foot slide with a climbing structure to get to the top is the main attraction and teaches young ones about energy conversion, gravity and of course, adrenaline.


Nature also plays an important role at this amazing facility, with an adventure path and stick forest and a small hill slide for younger children.


Even though the Brainasium is outdoors, one of its coolest features is that it can accommodate winter adventures just as well as summer fun. The climbing structures are mitten friendly, meaning hands can stay toasty warm during exploration, while snow and ice will change the dynamics of acoustics in the music exhibits.

The folks at TELUS Spark realize just how important play is to the developing brain and created the Brainasium with the intent of encouraging the development of exploration, thinking skills and problem-solving skills. All aspects of brain development – including growing the brain through exercise, and increasing brain function to learn and remember – were taken into account when developing the Brainasium, so parents can be confident that their kids are learning while having tons of fun.


Brainasium at TELUS Spark:

Where: TELUS Spark
Address: 220 St. Georges Drive NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: (403) 817-6800