April 9, 2009

Evan and I recently discovered Joso’s Play and Learn Centre, an indoor play place and so much more. Joso’s opened in January but we only recently heard of it when we got a flyer in the mail. We decided to go see for ourselves. I have to say it ranks in Evan’s favorite spots judging by the amount of time we stayed and the difficulty I had trying to get him to leave.

At first glance Joso’s does not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other play places that offer books, excersaucers and bumbo seats but in this case less is more. Evan particularly liked the plasma cars which always have been a big hit with preschoolers and I am pretty sure Joso’s has the monopoly on the plasma car as far as indoor play places go.

The climbing structure is big enough to keep the older ones interested and the small slides and ball pit small enough to keep the little ones entertained.

Evan particularly liked the foam building blocks. I had to laugh as the litle girls built princess castles and had princess tea parties inside and the boys built tall towers and crashed into them claiming they were batman, spiderman, superman..name your superhero of choice.

Joso’s also has an eating area where you can purchase food and beverage.

Joso’s caters exclusively for the fun, entertainment, learning and development of children up to the age of 6 years. The 5,000 square feet facility offers the services of a Preschool, Daycare, Drop-in Child care and Indoor Playground, all under the same roof, this is a dream come true for young families! The indoor playground offers the opportunity for the little ones to explore in the play structure with tunnels, bridges and slides, to swim in the ball pit, to wiggle around in the magical cars, to discover in the baby and me area and to enjoy a yummy healthy snack at the Joso’s café; while their parents relax and socialize in a safe and clean environment. Joso’s cleans and sanitizes their play structure and toys on a daily basis and offers a safe play structure for this age group….And that is not all!…they also offer fun educational activities and special visitors at different times during the week, all included in the admission fee!…Visit Joso’s…the new place that everyone is talking about!