Music for Young Children provides the best quality music education to young children by blending the pleasure and the joy of music-making with world-renowned instruction. Founded right here in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Music for Young Children (MYC) has over 800 locations on 3 continents and has been a proven pioneer in early childhood music education for 41 years.

Through a clever merging of study and play, the programs are age-appropriate, interactive, and focus on nourishing creativity and self-expression. MYC’s enthusiastic and engaging approach to learning helps your child develop cognitively, establish self-esteem, and build an amazing foundation of skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Music for Young Children

When you make the decision to enrol your kids in Music Lessons at Music for Young Children, you provide them the ability to have fun while they build family bonds. Parents are important participants and are invited to accompany their children as part of the program. This bond carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities.

Offering a foundation of music education and piano playing classes for children ages of 2-9, MYC’s energetic, highly trained instructors pass their passion for music along to their students. Teachers make adjustments for each students learning styles and challenges as they deliver a comprehensive music program that integrates keyboard, singing, ear training, sight reading, creative movement, rhythm, music theory and music composition. This ensures that each child develops not only their ability to play and read music, but they will be having so much fun that they’ll forget how much learning is taking place!

music for young children

A full course list and each corresponding curriculum description can be found on the Music of Young Children website, and a downloadable course sampler is available for those who wish to take a deeper dive into the MYC’s unique approach.

Registration is NOW OPEN  for Fall Lessons. You can use Music for Young Children’s handy teacher locator feature to find instructors near you. Once you have identified which course you are interested in taking and the instructor that best fits your needs, you can contact them directly to discuss program start dates.

Music is a gift that lasts a lifetime, and all children and families deserve quality music education.”

Music for Young Children