The laughter as the toddler on the swing soars for the sky, the squeal as the preschooler rockets down the slide, and the sense of accomplishment as the school-ager finally makes it all the way across the monkey bars. Playgrounds are not only fun for the kids, but an essential tool for surviving parenthood. They are also one of the few remaining public spaces where parents and children of all ages and backgrounds can connect and interact. Playgrounds exude fond memories in all of us so let the kids run wild and make memories at some of these must-visit playgrounds in HRM!

Our Must-Visit Playgrounds in HRM – Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Sackville

Halifax Commons
5816 Cogswell Street, Halifax

The Halifax Commons is one of the biggest and best playground areas in HRM. Stay for an hour or pack a lunch and stay for the day! The Commons is a group of public areas containing tennis courts, softball diamonds, a skate park, playground, outdoor swimming pool, large shallow splash pad…and plenty of wide open spaces! It’s an ideal location for free, healthy outdoor family fun. The Emera Oval at the Commons rents out FREE roller skates and other sporting equipment and the Commons Pool has FREE swimming!

Halifax Commons Splash Pad/Photo: Helen Earley

Dingle Playground, Sir Sandford Fleming Park
Dingle Road, Halifax

Sir Sanford Fleming Park is a jewel of a park found on the North West Arm that makes you feel like the city is a million miles away. This urban oasis boasts 95 acres of family fun including a boat launch, trails, a frog pond, a lifeguard supervised city beach – and of course, The Dingle itself- a magnificent granite tower once owned by Sir Sanford Fleming. The playground at the Dingle is Halifax’s first all-natural playground. Adventures are endless as children climb tree trunks and enjoy the natural wooden structures.

The Dingle Playground, Sir Sanford Fleming Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Dingle Playground, Sir Sanford Fleming Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia/credit: Helen Earley

Westmount School Playground
6700 Edward Arab Avenue, Halifax

Nothing beats the Westmount Playground for location and summertime fun for everyone! There are slides, swings, monkey bars, and baby swings, and they have an accessible playground – perfect for strollers and wheelchairs. Spread out your blanket in the big open field and enjoy a picnic on a hot summer day. Need to cool down?  The kids will love the sprinklers when it’s time to beat the summer sun. Westmount is right across the street from the Halifax Shopping Centre, so easy to access by public transport, or you could combine a trip to the mall with some time on the playground. This place is a guaranteed winner with the whole family.

Westmount Splash Pad/Photo: Helen Earley

Isleville Park
3460 Isleville Street, Halifax

North End Halifax’s Isleville Park is one of the city’s favourite ‘must-visit playgrounds’. Not only do the kids think that the playground is awesome, but it also has a really cool splash pad to help you cool off on those hot, summer days. There’s also a covered sand box and two sets of swings. Isleville has a few picnic tables. park benches and plenty of grassy areas to kick the ball around. Parents of young ones can relax a bit here as the playground is fenced in all the way around for added security.

Isleville Playground/Photo: Helen Earley

DeWolfe Park, Bedford
150 Waterfront Drive, Bedford

DeWolf Park is a local hot-spot for many parents and children and a favourite with parents of toddlers! The playground is huge and it has two play structures based on age range. This recently renovated play area is equipped with padded flooring to cushion the kids when they fall, climbing walls, slides, and the ever-popular merry-go-round. The nautical theme and activities of the playground keeps kids busy for hours. DeWolf Park also has picnic tables and walking paths along the waterfront. If you are feeling motivated, there is an outdoor fitness equipment area for adults to use while the kids play. Otherwise, there are lots of benches around the play structure to enjoy your coffee with the rest of us.

Submarine Playground
Sackville Landing, Halifax Waterfront

In keeping with the Maritime flavour, the popular playground near the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic includes a two-dimensional octopus wall and a 45-foot submarine. The structure includes a slide, periscope, portholes, climbing feature and interactive elements. The first level is also wheelchair accessible.

Ferry Terminal Park
88 Alderney Drive, Dartmouth

The unique playground at Alderney Landing has been called a spaceship, a yacht and a pirate ship by some but everyone agrees that this spot is a ton of fun! There are lots of things to climb up and fun slides to take you down. This park also has walking and bike paths, benches and plenty of local businesses nearby to grab lunch or a snack. There’s lots of parking but if you are coming from Halifax, hop on the ferry and make it an extra special adventure!

Sackville Inclusive Play Park at Acadia Hall
650 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville

The Inclusive Play Park at Acadia Hall boasts state-of-the-art Little Tikes Commercial play equipment for children of all abilities to enjoy. This play area has lots of activities to keep the little ones busy and is worth the drive to check this one out. Why not make a day of it? Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the park, then take a break from the summer sun to visit the Sackville Library which is right across the parking lot from the playground.

Photo: Sackville’s Inclusive Play Park Facebook Page

Fort Needham Park
5515 Stairs Place, Halifax

Fort Needham Memorial Park was established in remembrance of the victims of the Halifax Explosion. The Park was deeded to the City of Halifax with the condition that it be used as a public park forever. Today, this 15 acre park in the North End is one of the largest public spaces on the Halifax peninsula. The unique playground at Needham Park was recently renovated and now boasts a beautiful natural playspace – complete with a wooden cannon!

Kearney Lake Playground
Saskatoon Drive, Halifax

The last of our ‘must-visit playgrounds’ offers something for all ages and interests to keep everyone in your family smiling. There are swings, a playground and a grassy slope leading to the sandy beach. You can play, picnic and then go for a dip!  Lifeguards are on duty in the summer, and swimming lessons are FREE!