We love summer. We’re over here trying to hold onto every last moment and ray of sunshine, but we all know this is also that this is the best time of year to start planning for fall. Don’t get us wrong, we love fall, we love new beginnings (what’s not to love?!) but “early planning” can sometimes feel like a betrayal to your fun-time summer self. That is why we are making things easy! We have collected HRM’s public school systems’ School Calendars, and they are downloadable!  Don’t waste the dog days of summer planning how to keep everyone busy during the colder months.

School Calendars:

Halifax Regional Centre of Education (HRCE)

Calendar: https://www.hrce.ca/sites/default/files/hrsb/Departments/BoardServices/Communications/2023-24_hrce_school_calendar_revised_v3.pdf

Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial (CSAP)

Calendar: https://csap.ca/images/2023-06-23_calendrier-scolaire-5×7.pdf

Are there HRM School Calendars that we’re missing? Let us know at Halifax@familyfuncanada.com. While planning the school year, sign your kids up for enriching after-school activities with help from our Lessons for Kids Guide!

While you are planning ahead, make sure you check out our Lessons For Kids Guide. This will give you information on the best extracurriculars for your children.  If you are looking for ways to spend remaining warm days, check out our Free Activities For Families Guide, and our Summer Fun Bucket List.