Are your kids ready for the adventure of a lifetime this summer? Your little adventurers will find something that fits them perfectly with the Museum of Antiquities’ Ancient and Medieval Adventures Camps for Kids! Register your little ones now for a week-long in-person summer camp with the Museum of Antiquities, University of Saskatchewan! Travel through time and explore the ancient and medieval world and go on amazing adventures that will go down in history. Camps are filled with games, crafts, lessons and more! Your children will meet new friends and come home with stories about their adventures.

Ancient and Medieval Adventure Camps for Kids

Ancient and Medieval Adventures CampsTiny Titans (Ages 6-7) July 4-7, 2023

In this camp, Adventurers will become acquainted with the gods and titans of old. They will explore the most exciting ancient Greek myths, hear the timeless stories of the heroes of old, and find out what made each of the gods unique.

Ancient and Medieval Adventures CampsMagewarts Junior Academy (Ages 6-7) July 17-21, 2023 | July 30-August 4, 2023

Wizards, witches, and magic, oh my! In this camp, Adventurers will have the chance to be sorted into their own special Magewarts House. They will learn how people of the ancient and medieval worlds found magic and mystery in their everyday lives. They will learn remarkable spells and practice magical duelling with handmade wands!

Ancient and Medieval Adventures CampsFolklore & Fairytales (Ages 6-7) August 14-18, 2023

Throughout this week, Adventurers will encounter some of their favourite fictional characters from classic folklore. They will write their own fairytales, and test their memories as they attempt to gain entrance to a cave full of treasure.  It will be a week straight out of a storybook.

Ancient and Medieval Adventures CampsMagewarts School of Magic & Science (Ages 8-10) July 10-14, 2023

Open to witches, wizards, and muggles alike! Adventurers will learn about how the people in ancient and medieval times viewed magic and witchcraft as a part of the world around them. They will explore astronomy, medical plants, mythological animals, and more. in this fun and engaging camp. Adventurers will make wands, mix potions, cast spells, and more!

Ancient and Medieval Adventures CampsVoyages with Vikings (Ages 8-10) July 24-28, 2023

Embark on voyages with Vikings! This week, Adventurers will head out on a fantastical journey to learn all about Norse mythology and daily life. Weave a belt and paint shields to blend into the surroundings, and learn about famous Viking explorers who ventured to new and faraway lands, like Canada! They will even receive training from real Vikings!

Ancient and Medieval Adventures CampsRaiders of the Lost Artifact (Ages 8-10) August 8-11, 2023

Dig into the ancient past with this fun and interactive camp! Adventurers will get the chance to learn what it means to be an archaeologist! Adventurers will also get a chance to make their own frescoes and beautiful pottery.

Ancient and Medieval Adventures CampsMagewarts Magical Creatures (Ages 8-10) August 21-25, 2023

Adventurers will become Magizoologists and learn the art and science of studying magical creatures from all around the world! Meet fearsome dragons in the farthest regions of China, navigate the Amazon rainforests in search of Yacumama, and run through the icy Alaskan plains with the elusive Waheela.

Registration for the epic adventure summer camps offered by the University of Saskatchewan’s Museum of Antiquities is now open. Hurry to sign up your child before this fun adventure disappears into the past.

Ancient and Medieval Adventure Camps:

Dates: July and August 2023