Are your kids ready for the adventure of a lifetime this summer? Do you have a budding wizard in your house just waiting for a magical week of adventure or a child that loves learning about ancient times? Your little Adventurers will find something that fits them perfectly with the Museum of Antiquities’ all-new Ancient and Medieval Adventures Packs for Kids! Register your little ones for a summer camp with the Museum of Antiquities, University of Saskatchewan! If your child is searching for adventure, take a look at these amazing options to keep them engaged and happy. The Museum of Antiquities is offering three amazing camp-in-a-box packages that bring the Ancient and Medieval Adventure camps right to your house. Games, crafts, lessons, and activities will be included in each box, made to do at your own pace. Pickup or delivery for the camp-in-a-box will be available in July. Each package will include access to two optional virtual workshops. Your kids will meet with other adventurers to learn more, and w0rk on a craft or joining in an activity with the museum staff.

Summer Camps for Kids

Ancient Adventures Pack 7-8

Ancient Adventures 7-8

Pickup/Delivery begins: June 21st

Workshop dates: July 12th, August 2nd 

The Ancient Adventures package combines Time Travellers, Tiny Titans, Fun with Pharaohs, and Knights, Lords, and Ladies camps, taking Adventurers on a journey through the cultures and mythology of the ancient and medieval worlds! Campers will meet the Greek pantheon, prepare for a medieval feast, wrap their very own mummies and more! As they travel to other parts of the world, campers will learn to hula in Hawaii and hear the mythology of Russia and Ukraine before their adventure ends. It is the ultimate camp experience that will take kids travelling the world without even having to leave the house!

Magewarts Series

Magewarts Series

Pickup/Delivery begins: June 28th

Workshop dates: July 19th, August 16th 

This package for ages 8 to 11 combines all three of the Magewarts camps into one mega-camp experience! Beginning with Magewarts Academy, your child will be sorted into the exclusive Magewarts School of Magic. They will learn to make potions, cast spells with their very own wand, and unlock the secrets of the cosmos. After that, Magewarts Magical Creatures your witches and wizards will tame dragons, summon genies, and catch fairies in their own backyards. Finally, Magewarts Magic & Science will teach wizards the secrets behind their favourite magic tricks. Learn how to reveal invisible messages, divine the future and more! Complete with a magical compendium where kids can write down all their newfound magical knowledge, the Magewarts Series has everything your child needs to become a bonafide spellcaster!

Ancient Adventures Pack 9-11

Ancient Adventures

Pickup/Delivery begins: July 5th

Workshop dates: July 26th, August 16th 

Your 9 to 11-year-old Adventurers, will have the ultimate adventuring experience! Crafts, lessons, and activities from the Voyages with Vikings and Roaming Romans camps will immerse children in the cultures of the past. They will become gladiators, learn to navigate the seas, and travel the Nine Realms! In Around the Ancient World, travellers will discover the arts and inventions of ancient Koreans and Aztecs. Finally, in the all-new Games of the Gods camp, adventurers will learn to juggle like the Egyptians, put on their own Japanese shadow plays, and master board games from thousands of years ago. This camp will leave your adventurers with a chest full of games and activities!

Ancient and Medieval Adventures Packs:

Camp in a Box available: July and August 2021

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