Get Your Play-On at the 10 Best Playgrounds in Saskatoon!

best playgrounds in Saskatoon

The summer season is upon us! In Saskatoon, that means warm weather, lots of sunshine, and, of course, visits to the playground! Our city is flush with fantastic play structures for families to enjoy located at schools, public parks, and everywhere in between. This year, to get you and your family on your way, we’ve compiled a list of the best playgrounds in Saskatoon, so why not pack a picnic, grab your sunscreen, and get out on the town at one of these:

10 Best Playgrounds in Saskatoon

Best playgrounds in SaskatoonBrighton Park (200 Way Underhill – South End of Brighton Development)

As shiny and new as the Brighton neighborhood it calls home, this Brighton Park is a must-visit for 2018! This nature-themed structure has logs to climb, bears to ride, walls to scale, and places to hide! There won’t be a dull moment with such an extensive structure to explore, but remember to pack some water and some sunscreen as shade is hard to come by!

Best playgrounds in SaskatoonMorris T. Chernesky Park (Hart Road)

If you’re looking for a fun, accessible, and diverse playground experience, head on over to Morris T. Chernesky Park! Here you will find one of the largest (and coolest) accessible play structures in the city. The structure is located next to the Shaw Centre, several ball diamonds, and a skateboard pad. With everything going on at this park, you will want to consider carefully what you pack in your day bag! Depending on your choice of activities at Morris T Chernesky, you might want to consider bathing suits, sports equipment, boards and helmets, and some water and snacks!

 best Playgrounds in SaskatoonForestry Farm Park (Forestry Farm Park Dr.)

The  Forestry Farm Park (outside of the zoo grounds)offers 2 elaborate play structures nestled in the tranquil Forestry Farm Park grounds and is surrounded by picnic areas with fire pits, a fishing pond, washroom facilities, and lots and lots of shade! There’s never a dull moment at this playground, and you never know what wildlife might show up to crash your picnic!

Best Playgrounds in SaskatoonPresident Murray Park (1500 Block of Colony St.)

Aptly nicknamed ‘the Spider-Man Park’ after its web-like climbing structure, President Murray Park offers of plenty of cozy places to spread out your picnic blanket among plentiful spruce trees. Parents, why not join in the fun and dare yourself not to touch the ground as you navigate the unique play structure at this park? Little ones can enjoy a separate and smaller structure within eyesight of the larger one where they can also choose to dig in the sand or play on the swings!

Must visit playgrounds in SaskatoonWW Ashley Park (814 2nd St. East)

No list of the best playgrounds in Saskatoon would be complete without mention of the ‘Purple Park’! New-ish to the playground scene, the structure on WW Ashley is, without a doubt, the most elaborate in the city! It is fully accessible, totally awesome, and located next to a skateboard pad, paddling pool, and Lathey Pool! The sky is your limit at WW Ashley! Bring a swim suit and join in some City of Saskatoon Paddling Pool programming, grind your board at the skateboard pad, and, of course, let kids test their limits on the fantastic play structure!

Al Anderson Park (Hampton Circuit)

Located in Hampton Village, this new playground in Saskatoon is hopping with fun with a cool play structure, new spray pad, and several surrounding ball diamonds and soccer pitches! Pack your sports equipment, bathing suit, and spirit for adventure and prepare for a day of fun, games, and cooling down at Al Anderson Park!

Must visit Playgrounds in SaskatoonWJL Harvey Park (Silverwood Rd)

Pick your playground at WJL Harvey! Two play areas–one located beside a spray pad, the other next to a paddling pool–make this park an ideal destination for a day out on the town! Walk the trails between the two parks through green space where kids can run or make use of bikes or scooters! Pack a picnic, find a spot in the shade, and make WJL home for a day this summer!

Ernest Lindner (Kenderdine Rd.)

Accessibility is king at Ernest Lindner Park in Erindale! This park has a whole lot going on with multiple accessible climbing structures, a spray pad, and plenty of green space for good measure. Bring a ball to kick around on a soccer pitch or kick up the summer spirit with a bat and ball on a baseball field.

Must-Visit Playgrounds in SaskatoonGabriel Dumont Park (Saskatchewan Cr. W)

If you can muster the extra energy, Gabriel Dumont Park is fantastic biking destination for families looking for a day out on the scenic banks of the South Saskatchewan River (parking is available off Saskatchewan Cr. W)! Gabriel Dumont has two sweet, nature-themed climbing structures, day camp sites, washroom facilities, and scenery a-plenty! After a romp at the playground, why not enjoy a nature walk along the trail?!

Happy Playing, Saskatoon Families!

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