covid-free weekend in SaskatoonOver the years, Family Fun Saskatoon has advocated for all family-fun events + activities that our beautiful city has to offer. We’ve sent you to movies, festivals, story-times, dance parties, sporting events, galleries, special events and more. BUT, this weekend, we know, will be a different one. Many things have been cancelled on account of the recent COVID-19 pandemic including Saskatoon Public School mass gatherings, the Junos, concerts and a whole host of major and minor sports events. We are constantly updating our post on Everything Your Family Needs to Know about the Coronavirus in Saskatoon, so check back regularly, but in the meantime, we’d love to get you on your way to some more home-based family-fun!

Family-Fun Ideas for a COVID-FREE Weekend in Saskatoon

1| Run for the hills!

Viruses don’t survive well in the cold so why not make your way outdoors?! With the frigid weather that’s expected, you’ll be have to bundle up, but grab a sled and hit up one of these amazing tobogganing hills in the bridge city.

2| Tell COVID to Take a Hike!

A family hike might be in order if you dress properly! Our very own Meewasin trail is the perfect place to get moving. Check out our list of 5 Family-Friendly Hikes in and Around Saskatoon.

3| Disney might be closed but Disney + Isn’t

Disney +, if you don’t already have it, offers a FREE preview week. Maybe this is the occasion to take advantage of that?

4| Movies, Movies, Movies

Guilt-free screen time! COVID demands families cuddle up with Netflix, On-Demand, Disney +  or whatever platform you use to access movies. We think it’s super awesome that the Saskatoon Public Library lends awesome movies for FREE!

5| Get Crafty with Toilet Paper Rolls

Our sister-site in Vancouver made us laugh with a post on 30+ craft ideas for toilet paper rolls. Check it out HERE.

6| Get Crafty without Toilet Paper Rolls

Dyed those Easter eggs yet? Maybe it’s time. Or why not try out these amazing Spring-themed crafts!?

7| Celebrate Pi-Day

Seems to be something one can do without risk of COVID! Make a pie, eat a pie, play pie-face, memorize the pi numbers, or indulge in pi-zza, pi-neapple, pi-ckles in a living room pi-cnic!

8| Dust off those unopened Christmas presents (ie. Board games + Puzzles)

Um, Frozen 2 Monopoly? Yes,we do have it. No, we haven’t played it. Board games and puzzles don’t have quite the lustre that other shiny toys have at Christmas, but they would be PERFECT for a cozy COVID-free weekend at home.

9| Fill in those reading logs

Fill in those darn reading logs your teacher keeps sending home! Our kids are into Harry Potter, Rick O’Riordan, Big Nate, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Roald Dahl, Robert Munsch and the Pet Hotel series. What are your kids reading?

 10| E-books, Audiobooks and more on the Saskatoon Public Library App

Got a library card? That’s all you need to access the SPL’s FREE Hoopla App which is FULL of awesome e-books and audiobooks. I use it all the time. Easy, peasy and it’s awesome possum!

11| Find out why we poop and fart

Kids podcasts are hot, and many families are still missing out. Find out the answers to fascinating questions like Why do we poop and fart? Are unicorns real? and What do mosquitoes do in winter? on my favourite FREE kids podcast “But Why”. There are SO many great podcasts catering to every interest.

12| Ahem, chores

Don’t tell your kids you heard it here, but a spring clean is in the air! This weekend might be the perfect opportunity to get to the back of the kitchen cabinets, the bottom of drawers and to generally bathe the entire home in a light bleach solution.

Stay safe and stay calm! Keep those hands clean, and have a great COVID-free weekend families!