Boredom BINGO“The days are long, but the years are short,” that’s the saying, right?! Well, the days are really, really long when you’re isolating at home during a pandemic. The days are made even longer still when you have kids telling you how bored they are every 15 minutes. Sure you can just tell them to go read a book or find something to do, but the reality is, that kids are very visual and motivated by goals.

Enter, Boredom BINGO! An easy-to-see, easy-to-use system for managing their boredom independently.

You as the parent get to decide what their reward will be for getting a BINGO on their sheet, making this game customizable for your family. I recommend printing off the page and slipping it inside of a sheet protector or even laminating it to make it reusable for the future. One of our team members owns these dry erase pockets from Amazon and use them in a variety of learning activities at home. Then just use a marker to tick off the squares as they complete them throughout the day, erase and reuse as many times as you like.

Download your free Boredom BINGO printable below and let your kids get started right away! (You can thank us later . . .)

Boredom Bingo

Here are helpful links for some of the boxes:

Visit a virtual zoo

Visit a virtual museum

Do a craft

Draw or colour

Do an activity

Do yoga

Read for 20 minutes

Build with LEGO

Listen to a podcast

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