Do you have a little entertainer on your hands? Whether your kid is an extrovert or introvert, theatre offers something for everyone. Hone their natural talents and build essential life skills through Gateway Academy! With year-round classes in acting, musical theatre, singing, and speech training, Gateway Academy is geared towards children ages 6-18 years old.

Classes offered by Gateway Theatre will harness your child’s creative powers and strengthen skills that are vital for vibrant self-expression, thereby helping students develop confidence and discover their own personal best self while gaining theatre skills in a professional environment.

Students enrolled in Gateway Academy Theatre Classes receive instruction from professional working artists who are not only skilled in their individual craft but who are also passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with kids.

Gateway Academy

There are a wide variety of theatre classes being offered by Gateway Academy with some as little as $175 for 13 classes. Gateway Academy offers classes in a number of performing arts disciplines:


Combine imagination with technique! Gain confidence as effective actors and communicators while working in an ensemble, and learn the fundamentals of storytelling and characterization through exercises, vocal training, improvisation and scene work.

Musical Theatre

Do it all—sing, dance and act. Immerse in the music, text and choreography of a musical, learning characterization and storytelling along the way. Working as an ensemble will help build the confidence and skills youth need to be triple-threat performers.

Sensory Friendly Acting

Gateway Academy offers sensory-friendly acting classes for neurodivergent youth. By offering the classes online students can learn and express themselves in the comfort of their own home, potentially reducing stimuli. Students will work collaboratively, experience the thrill of being part of an ensemble, hone social and communication skills, and build overall confidence in their own abilities.

Theatre 360 for Youth

The 12-week long program is geared towards performers aged 14 – 18 years. The interdisciplinary experience is structured in a workshop style for teens who can’t get enough of theatre. If your youth is eager to expand their performing arts skillset and connect with a variety of industry professionals, Theatre 360 is for them!

Theatre Classes at Gateway Academy:

When: starting September 2021
Time: after school during the week; various times on the weekend
Where: Gateway Theatre
Address: 6500 Gilbert Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-270-1812