Did you know that many famous scholars credit performing arts, specifically acting, with their success later in life?  Gateway Academy offers something for the extroverts and introverts in your life. Whether your child has been singing and dancing around the house since they could walk or is terrified to step on stage, theatre classes instill valuable life skills to every level of experience.  Acting helps students put themselves in the shoes of a character and imagine another world. Key skills such as vocal projection, movement on stage, and building trust with their peers are crucial for success in all areas of life. Hone your child’s natural talents and build resiliency, creativity, and connection with peers from skilled educators.

If you have a child between the ages of 6-18 years old that is looking for a place to have fun, develop close friendships, and increase confidence, then Gateway Academy has just what you are looking for! Gateway Academy classes are organized into Acting or Musical Theatre, and further grouped by age and ability.


Combine imagination with technique! Acting is more than just stepping into character; integral life skills such as communication, ensemble work, vocal training, and storytelling are developed. Gain confidence as effective actors and communicators through exercises, improvisation, and scene work. Gateway Academy offers classes based on age for children 6&7 (Acting Intro), ages 8-10 (Acting A & A2), and ages 11-13 (Acting B).

As children grow up, it is especially important to find outlets for creativity and teamwork as their workload intensifies. Gateway Academy offers special classes for ages 14-18 years old that not only develop integral acting skills but also provide an encouraging and welcoming space for teenagers to explore issues through the characters they portray onstage.

Acting Intro classes run from September – December, while the other classes run from September- April.

Musical Theatre

Do it all—sing, dance, and act. Immerse yourself in the music, text, and choreography of a musical, while learning characterization and storytelling along the way. Working as an ensemble will help build the confidence and skills youth need to be triple-threat performers. Musical Theatre classes are available for ages 6-7 in half-year formats (September- December), while classes for ages 8-10, 11-13 and 14-18 run from September – April. All full-year classes culminate in an In-Studio presentation.

New this year, the Acting and Musical Theatre C-level for ages 14-18 classes will lean more into rehearsal and performance during the second half of the year, with the addition of technical elements (lights and sound) and a dedicated Tech day to the year-end presentations. This gives students a more immersive professional performance experience. These classes are popular and sell out fast!  Tap your way over to the registration page to make sure you don’t miss out on this exceptional program!

Financial Assistance: Gateway Academy believes in providing access to theatre arts training, regardless of financial means. Visit their website to learn about scholarship opportunities, and if you are a family experiencing temporary financial hardship, please apply to their Bursary Program.

Theatre Classes at Gateway Academy:

When: September – December, 2023 | September, 2023 -April, 2024
Time: after school during the week; various times on the weekend
Where: Gateway Theatre
Address: 6500 Gilbert Road, Richmond
Phone: 604-270-1812