As the provincial draws near we thought it may be fun to teach our kids a little bit about the election process. Since the kids are elementary school aged we decided to keep the concept simple and make it a bit fun. Our election was for the position of Premier in each of the boys’ rooms. Only stuffies were allowed to participate in the election.

Election postersWe started by selecting which stuffies were running for the top governmental job. Each son picked 3 stuffies. Next campaign posters had to be made. As much as we tried to convince them that the posters should hang in their bedrooms (as that is where the electorate lives) we ended up with campaign posters all over our house.

The boys were responsible for getting all the voters registered.  There was a slight miscommunication between my husband and I. I was thinking 15 or so voters per room (I knew who would be making the ballots). My husband and our youngest managed to register 41 voters before I intervened and stopped the registration-madness.

The kids occupied themselves setting up their polling stations while my husband and I wrote up ballots. I strongly advise making sure your printer is full of ink before starting this project. Having to manually create 60+ ballot forms was a bit ridiculous.


The voters were lined up on the floor; the polling stations were labeled; the ballot boxes were placed in prime location. We were ready to vote!

Before the polling stations opened we took the boys for a walk. It was a great opportunity to look at the real election signs around our neighbourhood. We talked about democracy and the importance of voting. Sure these are huge and complex topics but, based on the kids’ questions, I think some of our discussion made an impact.

Upon our return home the polling stations opened. Each stuffie checked in to vote, filled out their secret ballot, and plopped it into the ballot box. After everyone voted, we closed the polling stations, sorted the ballots into piles and tallied the results. Pooh Bear was the winner in our eldest’s riding and Minnie Mouse was the winner in our youngest’s.

The boys loved the election process so much they are convinced we need to do it again tomorrow. I’m hoping the actual election on October 19th will satisfy their voting desires. We get the kids to come with us, we let them help us fill out the ballot and we always let them tuck the ballot in the box. It may be small, silly activities now but we are training them early to always take advantage of the democratic right we are fortunate to have in Canada.