Our family looooovvvvessss camping.

Really. Loves. Camping.

So it was with great excitement, after 2 foiled trips, that we set out recently in the early evening sunshine and made our way up the coast to Porteau Cove Provincial Park.

Great things about Porteau Cove:

  • It’s right on the ocean.
  • It’s close to Britannia Beach and Squamish and therefore close to many great attractions such as the Britannia Mine Museum and the West Coast Railway Association.
  • It’s about an hour drive from our house.
  • Let me repeat that one; it’s only an hour from our house!

How cool is that?

Now for some people, it’s hardly worth the effort of packing to go somewhere only an hour away but for us, it works. We like to stay closer to home (or at least civilization) the first time we go camping each season in case something goes wrong with our equipment (trailer). Also, we like to go in the off season, so if the weather turns, we have no compunction about packing in and going back. And really for a quick weekend trip, I’d rather not spend most of it driving. We are planning a trip to the Okanagan in the summer, and the 6 hour drive means we’ll staying a week!

We spent a lot of time on the beach playing among the driftwood, discussing why the tides come in and go out, exploring tidal pools and soaked 2 pairs of gum boats, 1 ½ pairs of sneakers, 3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks, and one jacket.

Baby eel in the tidal pool

We visited the mine museum with our reluctant children who suddenly got very interested when we said we were going to ride a train in the shaft like Indiana Jones…

Britannia Mine Museum

The Big Truck Britannia Mine Museum

Britannia Mine shaft entrance

We saw a soaring bald eagle, enjoyed the vista of the southern-most fiord in North America, ate many s’mores, blew bubbles, played cards and just vegged out together. It was sheer camping bliss.

We came home to 6 loads of laundry but it’s a small price to pay for the great time we had together. I can’t wait to go again.

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