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Guest post by Leslie Brooks of Ruff Ruminations

As part of your inspire membership at the Calgary Zoo you can go on monthly members-only tours. This is our first month having the inspire membership so I thought we would check out what the tours were like. I wanted to see how big they are, how long they last and whether they will hold the attention of an almost 4 year old.

Calgary Zoo Tours
June’s tour was of the Butterfly Pavilion and was lead by the resident expert Boyd Nave. I wouldn’t say I had a burning desire to learn more about Butterflies but it is one of my favorite areas so it couldn’t hurt to get a little more education on it!
The tour was pretty good but Grady only lasted through half of it so we snuck out. To his credit the tour did take place in the Butterfly Pavilion on a sunny day so I was even having a tough time sticking it out! I enjoyed the information and found Boyd to be a great speaker. He had patience for the questions from the kids and the know-it-alls who, I swear, show up to these things just to see if they know more than the experts. Grady got to ask a question (What butterflies live in a forest?) so he was very pleased with himself.


Calgary Zoo Tours
We also learned the best way to have a butterfly land on you. Of course you are not meant to touch or try to pick up the butterflies but everyone hopes one will land on them! So what’s the trick? Sweat! Be sweaty so the butterflies want to pick up the salt on your skin and be very, very still. If you can stand it to stay still enough on hot day in a tropical environment you might just be lucky enough to receive your very own butterfly kisses.

Calgary Zoo Butterflies
Are you an Inspire Member? If not maybe you should consider it especially if you or your older children love animal knowledge straight from the horse’s mouth (pun intended).

Upcoming guided tours are:
July 21, 2012 – Canadian Wilds
August 23, 2012 – Gardens
September 8, 2012 – Vet Clinic (I am definitely going to check this one out, maybe even leave Grady with a sitter so I can really get the most out of it)
Check the Calgary Zoo’s website for information on times and how to RSVP.
It was a beautiful day at the zoo and it seems we left just in time as Monsoon June lived up to its name that day and the clouds rolled in!

Calgary Zoo Tours
What sort of tour would you like to do?

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