Does your child have an overflowing box of collected rocks? Maybe your young daughter is like mine once was, weighing down her backpack everywhere she went with a hefty rock. Whether they are sparkly or fossilized or they look completely boring to you, when you have kids, you have rocks! But that rock pile in the corner of your child’s bedroom might be the key to their future as a geoscientist. If you’re a family that has indoor rocks and outdoor rocks (if you know, you know), you’ll want to register for the APEGA Rock and Fossil Clinic!

The APEGA Rock & Fossil Clinic provides a fun day for families and anyone interested in rocks, fossils, and curious landforms. Let your kids indulge their rocky curiosity and gain an introduction to the wonders of geoscience! Your little rockhound probably doesn’t think about future careers when they find that fascinating rock, yet a career in geoscience might spark joy their whole lives. The Rock and Fossil Clinic connects kids with practising geoscientists and earth science students, so kids can explore the wonders of geoscience, unearth history, learn fascinating facts, and take part in hands-on fun with geological principles.

APEGA Rock and Fossil Clinic (Family Fun Calgary)

The FREE, family-friendly APEGA Rock and Fossil Clinic takes place on Saturday, October 14, 2023. It’s open to all ages and delivered in a hybrid format, with virtual morning sessions, hosted by APEGA and the Department of Physics of the University of Alberta, and in-person afternoon sessions in Edmonton hosted by APEGA, the Edmonton Geological Society, the Alberta Geological Survey, and the University of Alberta Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Families can join in the morning, the afternoon, or both for geoscience fun!

Morning Sessions

With a hybrid format, the morning of the APEGA Rock and Fossil Clinic will be virtual, so you can take your pick of virtual labs and sessions, all from the comfort of your home.

Afternoon Sessions

The afternoon will be in person with partners in Edmonton and it’s all free! The in-person partner organizations include the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of Alberta, the Edmonton Geological Society, and the Alberta Geological Survey.

Personalize Your Day

Create the perfect Rock and Fossil Clinic for your family with your pick of virtual labs and in-person sessions. Your whole family will enjoy this fun and educational event. Hands-on activities make learning fun and help solidify understanding; the APEGA Rock & Fossil Clinic serves as a basic introduction to geoscience and what a career in geoscience could look like.

Rocks are fascinating to kids of all ages, so the next time you find pockets filled with rocks, just consider it to be preparation for fascinating future careers and remember to register for the APEGA Rock and Fossil Clinic!

APEGA Rock and Fossil Clinic (Family Fun Calgary)

APEGA Rock and Fossil Clinic:

When: October 14, 2023
9:30 am – 4 pm
Online and in-person at select locations in Edmonton