Do your kids need to burn some energy after sitting in school all day? Are they hanging upside down, jumping, flipping, or generally being monkeys in your house? Then this fall, it’s time to play! The Calgary Gymnastics Centre is the largest gymnastics facility in Calgary and they have tons of fall programs for every age and ability. With two locations to choose from, in Canada Olympic Park and on Country Hills Blvd, the Calgary Gymnastics Centre is fun for the kids and convenient for the parents.

From babies to adults, Calgary Gymnastics Centre offers classes for any age and any level at both their North and West locations. No matter their ability, kids can enjoy the facilities and have fun challenging their bodies. With three competitive disciplines, as well as adult, recreational and preschool programs, you’ll find something to suit your family. Do you want to get out and move with your baby? Sign up for a class. Is your child a recreational athlete looking for a little fun and fitness? There’s a class for you. Are you raising an international athlete with a gold medal in their dreams? There’s a class for you, too! The Calgary Gymnastics Centre has it all!

You might have heard people talk about physical literacy, a picturesque phrase related to the confidence and physical competence to engage in physical activities. Gymnastics is all about physical literacy, as strength, coordination, flexibility, and body awareness are all central to the sport of gymnastics, making it a great all-around activity. Participants leave each class ready to conquer the playground, the next gym class, or even participate in additional sports.

Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

For the 2022 – 2023 gymnastics season, anyone ages 6 months and up can jump, roll, and have fun challenging their bodies in interesting ways! There are amazing options for classes at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre for all ages.

Calgary Gymnastics Centre has a number of parented classes for the youngest crowd, with Babynastics for infants from 6 – 20 months, Gym Mites for toddlers ages 18 months to 2.5 years, and Gym-A-Tot for kids from 2 years to 3.5 years. Unparented classes include Hot Shots, ages 3 – 4 years, and KinderGym, ages 5 – 6.5 years.

CanGym (starting at age 5), CanJump (starting at age 6), and Acro are all classes within the Recreational program for participants up to 17 years. In these classes, athletes progress through a series of levels or badges as they complete their goals. Kids love to watch their progression as they advance to new levels! There are even teen and adult-specific classes, so everyone can play.

Instead of specific ‘sessions’, the Calgary Gymnastics Centre has introduced monthly ‘rollover registration’ that will allow you and your family the flexibility to personalize your gymnastics experience. Register ONCE to secure your spot and your registration will automatically ‘rollover’ each month until the end of June 2023! Need to withdraw earlier? No problem! Just notify them by the 20th of the month prior and they will stop your next monthly payment. Please note that fees will vary from month to month as they will be based on the number of classes within that specific month. Upcoming registration dates are June 14, 2022 (Priority Registration) and June 16, 2022 (Open Registration).

Gymnastics is a wonderful way to stay active and get fit while having fun! If your kids fall in love with gymnastics this fall, they can continue to advance and progress with the Calgary Gymnastics Centre. Classes fill up quickly, so make your plans for fall today!

Calgary Gymnastics Centre (Family Fun Calgary)

Calgary Gymnastics Centre:

Where: Calgary Gymnastics Centre WEST
Address: 179 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-242-1171

Where: Calgary Gymnastics Centre NORTH
Address: #60 – 2638 Country Hills Blvd NE, Calgary, AB
Phone: 587-319-2231