Calgary Young People’s Theatre was created with the desire to inspire and develop young people in the arts by offering a safe, creative space. Through their classes, camps, workshops, and production opportunities, youth ages 9 – 17 can explore the creative arts and develop their potential. They are given a chance to audition for productions, and also learn other theatrical skills.

Much Ado About Nothing: December 2 – 11, 2021

Beatrice and Benedick don’t like each other. At all. They promise. And they certainly don’t love each other, no matter what everyone around them says. But when a villainous scheme threatens to tear apart the relationship of their best friends, these two frenemies will have to get over their mutual distaste of one another to ask the scariest question of all about being in love: would it be so bad if they were? 

Friends of Mine and The Tuesday Crew: March 10 – 19, 2022

The 2020 and 2021 Outpatient Collectives are teaming up to present a double bill of two new one-act plays.

In Friends of Mine, fifteen years has passed since old friends Charlotte, Jay, Riley, Guckie and Lillian went their separate ways. Now a wedding draws them back to the town of their childhood and they hope to tie off loose ends. But Miner’s End is a town which ghosts never lie still and by returning there, these friends will have to face the event that changed their lives forever.

In The Tuesday Crew, a group of regulars gather at their beloved Laundromat for a day of gossip, drama and of course laundry. But this Tuesday is no ordinary Tuesday. Someone has left wet laundry in the machine and they are nowhere to be found. As the day unfolds, there is evidence of foul play and it is up to the Tuesday Crew to get to the bottom of it before they are forced to throw in the towel. The trouble is, the only thing they have in common is laundry. 

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