Date Night

Date Night (Family Fun Calgary)
Staying Home: Kids, Family Time … and Date Night?

My love language is definitely quality time. But this COVID-19 crisis is not exactly what I had in mind. Sure, we are both in the house. All day. Tripping over each other. Turning the music down. Taking the last piece of cake. Finishing the coffee. Passing silently in the hallway.
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Dancing Couple (Family Fun Calgary)
Take Your Partner and Do-Si-Do, Jive, or Waltz for Your Next Date Night!

It’s date night (yay!), but you have to decide what to do (sigh). Dinner? A movie? Or, wow, you could really make an evening of it with dinner and a movie?! That might work. Or you could try something completely different, and check out some of our ideas to dance
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