My love language is definitely quality time.

But this COVID-19 crisis is not exactly what I had in mind.

Sure, we are both in the house. All day. Tripping over each other. Turning the music down. Taking the last piece of cake. Finishing the coffee. Passing silently in the hallway.

I thought it was hard to spend valuable time together in regular life, from needy little kids and sleepless nights to needy big kids wanting a ride somewhere, not to mention work, chores, and general chaos. Now that I work from home and my husband (and kids) are schooling from home, it’s a whole difficult, I mean different, story.

So, enough! I bring you Date Night Ideas During COVID-19: Stay home! Stay safe! Don’t lose your ever-lovin’ mind!

In-House Date Nights: Saving Money Since March 12

Garage: Go sit in the car, and listen to some music together, like a quarantine concert. Sort through old love letters while you’re out there if that floats your boat. (Do we still have love letters?) Either way, maybe you won’t hear the kids fighting from the house.

Backyard: When the weather finally warms up (it has to happen eventually, right?) get out your lounge chairs, make a fancy drink, and have cocktails together. You could even plan a home garden before you relax.

The Great Outdoors: So, it’s not in-house, but going on walks might be the thing that saves your mental health. I’m guessing good mental health would probably be great for your relationship, too.

Kitchen: Oh, this is where date night gets good. By good, I mean there’s food, of course. Travel the world with your dinner! Pick your favourite cuisine and make it together. Take an online cooking class. Or just dip strawberries in chocolate and call it #goodenough, my theme for this whole calamity.

Dining Room: This is where you eat your delicious meal or sing the praises of delivery and take-out. Set the table with either fancy dishes or paper plates, depending on your clean-up tolerance, put the kids to bed (or banish them if they’re as old as mine), and enjoy a nice dinner together.

Living Room: Find some great questions to ask each other. You might be surprised at what you find out. Hopefully, it’s a pleasant surprise. Maybe you can even plan a second honeymoon and dream together. (Road trip? Check out these virtual tours of U.S. National Parks.)

Basement: Grab a few weights or a workout video and exercise together. Just joking! At least, that would never fly in my house.

Family Room: Enjoy a movie together – preferably a comedy!

Bathroom: MMM – a bubble bath.

Bedroom: AND that’s where we stop.

Whatever you end up doing, keep your spirits up, be kind, and get through this together!

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