Do you have a child who is fascinated by horses? What if you could give them a chance to pursue their passion for an amazing summer experience? It can be overwhelming for parents in the city to imagine how to get their young horse-lovers riding. But the experience of riding and caring for horses can be life-changing! This year, sign your child up for Clip Clop summer camps. Clip Clop offers riding and horsemanship lessons so kids can learn how to ride, bond, and care for horses safely.

Located in Bearspaw, Clip Clop, Inc. is a horse and rider education company. Their fun and meaningful horsemanship program starts young riders off right, and that includes teaching non-horse parents about the sport of riding. Even if you know nothing about horses, Clip Clop will help you learn and stay informed about what your child is experiencing and the nuances of riding through their quality programs.

Clip Clop Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Summer Camps

Clip Clop Horsemanship and Riding Summer Camps are available for kids ages 5 – 18 years in full days or half days. If you need extra care, just let Clip Clop know.

Is your child completely new to riding? They will have plenty of opportunities to practice new skills safely and confidently, including farm tours and safety sessions on the first day. Each rider’s unique learning goals will be addressed, through multiple riding levels. Friends and siblings can easily be grouped together if desired, as there is always so much to learn.

Clip Clop Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Not only will kids learn how to ride at Clip Clop, but they will also learn how to respect and communicate with the horse. They’ll find like-minded friends while growing and developing leadership skills through horsemanship lessons. Whether your child wants to ride for the joy of it or hopes to compete someday, they will learn everything they need to be successful in a safe environment at Clip Clop. They can be your partner in your child’s personal development, as they work with you to raise respectful and confident kids.

Clip Clop Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

Make it a summer to remember with Clip Clop Summer Horsemanship Camps! Your kids will thrive in the fresh air as they learn to ride and care for the horses. They will experience the joy of the moment, the thrill of a challenge met, and the desire to work hard and care for something beyond themselves.

Clip Clop Riding and Horsemanship Summer Camps:

When: July and August 2024
Time: Full days: 9 am – 4 pm; Half days: 9 am – 12 pm and 1 – 4 pm
Where: Clip Clop
Address: 254207 Bearspaw Road, Calgary, AB
Phone: 587-894-2567