By Melissa Vroon
October 29th, 2011

Tonight at dinner, my family and I heard a thunk on our front porch, the doorbell rang and someone ran away before we got a chance to see who it was. The thunk was a baggie filled with Halloween treats and a toys from a neighbour who had, as I later discovered, booed us.

My kids loved the little critters that came in the bag as well as a couple of after dinner treats. So my neighbour, if you are reading this, thank-you!


To perpetuate the fun, you can visit the Been Booed website, print off the directions which explain what it is all about and then drop off the treats with two different neighbours. Once you’ve been booed you post the paper up on your window so your other neighbours know you’ve already been booed and they will move on to someone who has not yet been part of the fun.