Did you listen to music while you were all stuck at home? Or picked up a ukulele or strummed a few chords on the guitar? Music can enrich our lives, decrease stress, and even improve cognitive skills! As kids are naturally drawn to music, it’s never to early to start a satisfying lifetime of musical enjoyment and proficiency. Musica Academy Yamaha School knows that children of all ages, from toddlers through to adulthood, learn through music and are naturally creative. Check out their weekly group lessons and private instructions through the internationally renowned Yamaha Music Education System. It is a complete education system with exams, syllabuses, and opportunities to perform locally and internationally. This fall, get connected with music!

Music is a universal language; it can make you happier and lower stress. It goes beyond mere musical skills and offers students a chance to develop their coordination, perseverance, and cognitive skills. Musica Academy has a range of musical programs for kids ages two and up and two locations to choose from, one in Calgary’s NW and one in the SW. Musica Academy knows how to create just the right tone to help students reach their goals in a fun and artistic environment. This could be the year when they discover their passion!

Musica Academy is Calgary’s authorized Yamaha School of Music and there are four main characteristics of this unique program: a timely education, group lessons, comprehensive training, and a systematic approach. The Yamaha group classes teach basic music knowledge through a “Hear, Sing, Read, and Play” method in a group setting. This group setting offers a wonderful environment for students to learn rhythm and musicianship skills, as they are motivated by their peers. The group lessons encourage creativity and improvisation, as the children inspire each other.

Private lessons are also available, especially for intermediate to advanced level students. All the instructors are highly skilled, well-educated, and extremely dedicated to bringing the best musical education for your child. For the fall of 2020, you can also access virtual private lessons, recommended for kids eight and up. Virtual lessons can be fun and interactive. Private lessons can be for guitar, ukulele, voice, piano, and violin, all in the safety of your own home.

Whether you have a three-year-old who loves music or an older child who has always wanted to play the guitar, you’ll find something at Musica Academy. For school-age kids, consider the Young Musician course. It’s a parented class for 6 to 8-year-old beginners and offers a three-year program with a variety of activities such as ear training, singing, and ensemble playing. Students have lots of fun learning in this small group environment, with friendly duets and jamming every week and exploring the piano and different instruments.

Or maybe you have a student with a deep interest in show choir, acting, and characterization. The Musical Theatre course, new this year, is designed for kids and teens ages 8 – 15. It’s the best of drama and music in a creative, imaginative environment, with a focus on singing, characterization and choreographed movement.

No matter where your child’s musical interests lie, the Musica Academy offers a satisfying way to learn an amazing skill. Music will help develop their creativity and positively impact your child for the rest of their life. Come and meet the qualified instructors and get started. If you can’t decide, try out a FREE demo music class and see what you’re missing! Music connects us all. Make Waves With Yamaha Music!

Musica Academy Registered Programs:

Address: North Location: Studio 102, 200 Country Hills Landing NW, Calgary, AB
South Location: Studio 30, 1935 37 Street SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: North: 403-681-3117; South: 403-619-9990
Website: www.musicaacademy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/musicaacademy
Instagram: musicaacademyyyc