This fall is all about embracing your passions and bringing back drama — the healthy way! With fall lessons from Pumphouse Theatre, your kids will have an audience for their drama. They’ll learn how to express themselves and they’ll have a chance to SHINE! If you’re looking for a creative outlet for your child, you’ll find one with Pumphouse Theatre drama education programs for young children to teenagers.

Pumphouse Theatre was started in the early 1970s to help fill a theatre void in Calgary at that time and to provide Calgarians with an affordable place to enjoy creative arts. Beyond theatre productions, they also provide a drama education program. Their vibrant classes are a great introduction to drama basics, offering a host of skills for every child. It’s all about learning how to communicate and express yourself, developing confidence and poise, and learning how to think outside the box. It’s imagination, self-discipline, and critical thinking skills. And at Pumphouse Theatre, it’s also about enjoying the arts, making new friends, and having loads of fun!

Telling stories, acting out their imagination, and having a wonderful time. What program will your child choose?

Playful Drama: Ages 5 – 8
Mondays, 6 – 7 pm; September 19 – November 28, 2022 (No class on October 10)
Class Fee: $125
This course is a great introduction to the drama basics and covers a variety of topics including story-telling, character, sharing, movement, and theatre games. This is a wonderful way to help your child explore their imagination, learn new skills, and have fun! No experience is required!

Creation in Motion: Ages 9 – 12
Sundays, 10 am – 12 pm; September 18 – November 27, 2022 (No class on October 9)
Class Fee: $250
Explore storytelling and harness imagination through physicality. Creation in Motion will encourage creative expression through movement, choreography, mime, balance, staging, and mask. Students will learn about teamwork, gain self-confidence, and be physically active, all within a safe and engaging environment. No previous experience is required!

Theatre Arts Exploration: Ages 9 – 12
Saturdays, 10 am – 12 pm; September 17 – November 26, 2022 (No class on October 8)
Class Fee: $250
This course is an all-inclusive exploration of the theatre arts. Students will be encouraged to discover a variety of dramatic techniques such as character creation, improvisation, movement, scene study, and more. Have a blast creating and performing an original final presentation for friends and family. No previous experience is required!

Improv for Teens: Ages 13-17
Mondays, 6 – 8 pm; September 19 – November 28, 2022 (No class on October 10)
Class Fee: $325
Improv is a great way to have fun and explore while bolstering creativity, adaptability, teamwork, and confidence. This course includes lessons in theatre sports, character development, story-telling, and many favourite improvisation games. Be inspired to think outside the box, learn something new, and have fun. No previous experience is required!

Playwriting: Ages 13-17
Saturdays, 10 am – 12 pm; September 17 – November 26, 2022 (No class on October 8)
Class Fee: $325
This course is designed to give young performers a deeper understanding of the written world of theatre. Through examining the classic and contemporary texts, students will be guided to explore the craft of playwriting and dramaturgy and learn what it means to tell an effective story. Students will also be able to have the opportunity to craft their own creations. No previous experience is required!

Registration for the fall programs at Pumphouse Theatre opens July 17, 2022. You’ll receive an early bird discount of $25 off if you register before August 15, 2022, and you’ll also receive a multi-child discount of $25 if you register two or more members of your immediate family.

In the midst of back-to-school lessons, give your kids drama lessons that will lift their spirits and bring some fun to their fall!

Pumphouse Theatre (Family Fun Calgary)

Pumphouse Theatre Fall Lessons:

When: Fall 2022
 Pumphouse Theatre
Address: 2140 Pumphouse Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Phone: 403-263-0079